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Yes, that is a man dressed as a Commando next to me

So, you remember a month ago when I said I was going to do some more posts, reviews and projects? Well I kind of lied about that. The reason behind the drop in content across all my involvements (blog, This Is My Joystick and other things) is that I’m now working a 9 to 5 job at Mamas and Papas in the IT Support section. Its back breaking work (more proof that real IT support guys are not all gangly youths – you try lugging PCs round an office complex all day) which has left me knackered in the evenings. Yeah, its a little lame but hey, there is the excuse.

In terms of interesting stuff outside of me talking about work, there are a few things that are going on:

  • I’m still writing reviews – I aim to have my Brink PC review done and dusted for TIMJ some point this week. I’m also going to write up something on here about Army of Two: The 40th Day – I bought it second hand over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. Expect something soon.
  • Project wise, I realised my way of starting out on the CoH mod coding was totally wrong. I’m restarting that with a proper plan for the files required and such. Once its done, I’ll get in contact with my team of coders and start dishing out tasks. If coders are reading this (hi Rich) I’ll send you details of what I want doing in the next week or so.
  • Avatar – The Last Airbender (the series) is perhaps one of the greatest things to ever be on TV. Fact.
  • I went airsofting on the 19th of June with a bunch of Teesside bros. It was a good day on a decent site (complete with mini-Tanks) with a decent set of players. I also only brought my SPAS 12 and had a blast with it, especially when new players underestimate the range. Unfortunately, the muzzle dropped off it but I screwed it back on so all is good.
  • Finally, all this working means I can afford airsoft stuff. So I’m buying an ICS L86 this week, along with a rail adaptor, a load of LONEX M4 flash mags and a proper battery charger. I’ll write something up at some point in July.

So I’m pretty busy. On top of this, I’ll be finding out if I’ve passed my first year of Uni on the 15th so wish me luck. Expect something soon.