09/07/2011 Update – MPW, LSW and PDW

Man, this blog has become less showing my work and more just me telling the internet how my day has been. Probably because I’m still busy with work that earns me money most days and what little time not working has been spent either down the pub or tinkering with airsoft stuff.

Good news for my finances is that I’ve had my work contract extended until the 9th of September, with a few days off for various things such as results day (next week ), my sister’s graduation (also next week ), collecting my house keys for what has been dubbed “Party House 2011” and the Ground Zero weekender in August. I’m still enjoying working as I haven’t quite reached the worn down phase. It is also saving me having to go looking for jobs at the moment.

So I mentioned airsoft but first I need to show you a picture of me from back in 2009. This was me at Riendahlen military camp on a Cadet trip, posing with a L86 (or Light Support Weapon).

germany 008

So two years later, guess what gun I now own for airsoft? You’re right, a Light Support Weapon.


The one I’ve bought is a second hand ICS L86A2. After a complete parcel farce with a certain delivery company, it finally turned up with a battery and two mags in a fancy box. The box did display an L85 which was slightly worrying until I opened it up.

The externals on this gun are fantastic. Having handled the real steel version, it feels pretty damn close in terms the general feel of the gun. Features of note are the metal fold-out shoulder stock, a rear grip designed to be used when firing prone and the front fold-down bipod. Its also bloody heavy, especially with a full 450rd high cap mag plugged.

When it arrived, the top and bottom part of the receiver were unfortunately misaligned which meant the safety could not move properly effectively rendering it useless. However, opening this gun up is stupidly easy – two pins pushed out, butt plate removed and then pull. The interals are arrayed like a dream. In contrast to my XM8 where the internals were a little cramped, the internals are so easy to work with. In a few minutes we popped it open, pushed it back in place and had it ready to go. The batteries are stored in the front.

Because I already owned my ISM-V (red dot/laser) and didn’t want to have to buy a SUSAT for £OHGODHOWMUCH, I decided instead to purchase a top RIS rail to replace the weaver that comes with it. It remarkably easy to do and I think the rail looks rather good on top.

Of course, it can look amazing but it doesn’t matter unless it works well. The L86 works like a dream – its loud, accurate (especially when combined with the laser for giggles) and when it needs to spits out full mags reasonably quickly. At the moment I’m using the ICS mags but I have a couple of flash mags on their way from Hong Kong along with a headset and a shemagh so I can look snazzy.


However, this wasn’t the only airsoft gun I picked in. I picked up a MP7 from a great chap over near Harrogate. Its really obvious that its been rather well used (especially as he yanked the front two RIS rails off (and he is now sending them to me) and part of the mag release has cracked) but its still great to use. It feels fantastic (as any Tokyo Marui should do) and is a good deal of fun. The FPS is pretty low (quite a few BBs couldn’t penetrate through cardboard at a decent range when I tested it) but its got  pistol internals so that expected.

I don’t think I’ll use it as shown above (again with the ISM-V sight). The plan is to use it as a sidearm in a thigh holster with the stock retracted and handgrip in the up position. With a short mag it looks pretty tactical but its becomes stupid when you stick the long mag and hold it one handed. Did I say stupid? I meant AWESOME.

That is all for now – will write something else soon that isn’t quite so airsoft obsessed.

Thanks for reading