@property(nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet BlogPost “More Coding and Games”


Yep, don’t worry I’m still here. Just been doing some more programming to get ready for a few hand ins. At this point they are mainly milestones although I do have a presentation on a LISP problem to show on Tuesday which will be great fun.

At the moment, the main two projects I’m working on are a C++ game using HAPI, a API (or framework) developed by my tutors at Teesside University and a game for iOS (hence the horribly mangled bit of Objective C in the title bar). I’m finding coding hard work but its oh so satisfying when you finally solve a puzzle.

But you people aren’t here for coding talk, you’re more interested in games! So here what I’ve been playing for the past few months:

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A (Very) Short Update

Airsoft Society Doing MW3 Launch Night

So I keep saying this but once again I need to write some more on this blog. Been a little overwhelmed with the whole "going back to uni thing”. Bit of a crappy excuse but here are all the things that have happened since the last blog entry which was on the 2nd of September also known as 74 days.

  • Finished work at Mamas and Papas
  • I got back to my flat in Middlesbrough
  • Moved all my stuff into the flat and decorated it
  • Got my desktop upgraded to i7 and memory – runs games like a dream
  • Went back to uni and did some work
  • Went airsofting three times (last one was less then good)
  • Found a whole bunch of new shows to watch thanks to Anicom, Airsoft and other uni things such as Adventure Time and the Amazing World of Gumball
  • Started writing for This Is My Joystick again (Currently have two sets of review code to review)
  • Started swimming again
  • Wrote a CV to start looking for placements for next year
  • A whole bunch of lovely games cam out for me to review
  • Airsoft did some midnight launches. Surprisingly few idiots asking questions
  • And I grew a small beard. Its pretty beardy.

Sorry for how short this is, I’ll write some more in the future when I have a bit more time. And I’m not taking a five minute break from coding.