On University, Gaming and Hawaii….Brah


So the first month of university is almost over. I’ve handed in one assignment fully, done part of enough and I have several more well on the way.  Hopefully I should be getting some marks back in the next week or two which should show if I pass the first module or not. I’m confident that I have but we will see soon enough. Once it is marked, I’ll put it up on my portfolio so it is available to download and try out. I’m also going to go through the exercise of converting it over to C#/XNA  in order to demonstrate the advantages of XNA over developing an engine from scratch. I’m also making an iOS game for another of my modules which I’m rather excited about making.  Finally, I’m still struggling through a making a Java TCP/UDP chat server. I need to do a lot more work on it before its ready but I’ve luckily got a week at home where I’m going to be flat out working 9 to 5 every day on all my various pieces of work. However, I’ve not just been working all the time. Read on to find out what else I’ve been up to…

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On Birthday, Phones, Coding and Other Things

Welcome to 2012 everyone! According to the conspiracy theorists and the like, we have less than a year left of life before the Mayan calendars predict our doom. Or they simply ran out of space. However, a load of stuff has happened.


Read on to work out why I’m looking like a mad man in the photo above…

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