On iPhones, Headphones and Games


So another week of university, another week of work. I’ve got plenty of work to be getting on with and I’m slowly cranking through it. My networking is well on the way, my GSD is sketched out with some example code sat waiting to be used and tools is most of the way done.

The deadline closest is my mobile games programming. I’m most of the way along with it and I’ve managed to get it on my iPhone and working in terms of music and loading/saving to PLIST. I still need to get the Bluetooth and accelerometer sorted out (the main part). I really enjoy iOS programming, especially using Cocos2d has it makes the main things (such as menus) so simple to do and get working fast. I’m going to look at mobile programing for Android and Windows Phone over the summer so I have at least a passable knowledge of each as they may form part of my final year project.

However, it hasn’t just been work…

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Thoughts On… King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame

(This review originally appeared on This Is My Joystick)


Bizarrely enough, I quite enjoyed the original King Arthur Roleplaying game. When it came out in in 2009, it felt like a different take on the Total War formula, with the addition of magic and elements of a text adventure. Admittedly, it certainly had its issues, and it was nowhere near as polished as Creative Assembly’s offering.

Nevertheless, I was more than slightly intrigued by the announcement of a sequel. Unfortunately, King Arthur II has quite a few problems that almost cripple it…


Let me tell you a tale…
King Arthur II takes place after the events of the first game. Arthur himself lies wounded in Camelot and around him his kingdom is starting to fall apart, not helped by the fact Merlin has vanished. It is up to you, Arthur’s son, to go out into the world and find a cure for your father’s aliment and also reunite your broken nation. However, pitched against you are a huge number of foes ranging from the common banditry up to traitorous Knights of the Round Table, and even foes not of this world.

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Thoughts On… Unstoppable Gorg

(This review originally appeared on This Is My Joystick)


The name Futuremark should be one that most people who like tinkering with their PCs should know quite a lot about. They make 3D Mark, perhaps the most famous benchmarking tool for the PC to date.

What most people don’t know is that Futuremark also make games; their first was a PC first-person shooter called Shattered Horizon, which looked fantastic but was deeply flawed at launch. Then they made Hungribles for the iOS, which was a little more successful, and is supposedly quite fun. Now they have returned to Steam with the Unstoppable Gorg, a new and different take on the good old tower defense genre.


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Thoughts On… Iron Brigade

(This review originally appeared on This Is My Joystick)


Tower Defence is one of the ‘in things’ at the moment. From Gears of War 3 to Assassin’s Creed, games are forcing in moments where you place traps to defend your favourite buildings from the angry hordes.  Double Fine has tried their hand at this with their latest game, Iron Brigade, or do I mean Trenched?

Thanks to a Portuguese board game maker, Trenched had to have its name changed and its European release delayed. Unfortunately for a co-op game, this has affected its gameplay. This is a damn shame, as it is perhaps one of my favourite games of 2011.

Evil television? Sounds like the Jeremy Kyle Show
In the world of Iron Brigade, two men left disabled by the first World War hear an alien signal which affects their mind. While one creates stompy mechs to help soldiers walk again, the other creates television. However, this isn’t good television; it soon becomes an evil group of machines seeking to hunt down and kill humanity, otherwise known as the ‘Tubes or Monovisions.


This game has a lot of explosions in it…

The story is all presented via the front covers of ‘30’s style ‘Man’s Own Adventure’ magazines, which suit the world perfectly. They also have some pretty funny in-jokes slid in via the front page titles, which are just another thing that marks out the game as a Double Fine production.

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On Review Copies, Pleasant Walks and Phones

AlanWake 2012-02-16 17-26-53-67

So I enjoyed my week back at home and managed to get a load of work done. Unfortunately, some of what I did wasn’t quite so good so I have still have quite a lot of work left to do. As much I enjoy being at uni, it was really nice to go home. I’m planning to get as much work done as possible before to Easter holiday before spending it relaxing… and playing Mass Effect 3. Fem Shep has a world to save god damn it.

In other gaming news, I’ve also had a huge jump in the number of review copies I have sat on my PC. I’ve just managed to get my King Arthur review done and its now up on This Is My Joystick – in short its pretty good but it has some serious flaws that might get in the way. However, that isn’t the only code I’ve got in my lap. First up is Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades. It sounds and looks like a pretty generic clone of Total War but has the potential to be really good. That isn’t all I’ve been playing.


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On Satisfying Days, Home and Games

WP_000019So this week is Animex at Teesside which is one of the main events of the year for the university. Because of the fact it uses up most of the university buildings, most students have this week off as a reading week. I managed to get home last Thursday and so I’m looking forward to a nice week at home until Saturday. And then on Saturday it snowed. And then it melted because no one cared.

Read on to find out what I’ve been up to at home.

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