On Airsoft Trips and Gun Experiences


Well it’s time to go back to University. I’m already back in Middlesbrough in my new house and I have been sorting out stuff and getting ready for the new academic year. I’ve also been working on my unreal script in preparation for the group project – something I haven’t touched since the start of the year. The house is a lot smaller than last year buts its already better although the sheer number of airsoft guns lying around is a recipe for gunfights throughout the year.

As part of going back to uni though it’s also time to get back into Teesside Uni airsoft. So we went off on a little visit to NAA again for their open day. Once again, a good day of airsoft. Personally, it wasn’t my favourite day ever. It may have just been to do with some gun problems or maybe I’m just not a fan of the site now it is so overgrown but I just wasn’t feeling it quite as much as I usually do.


But it was also a day of playing around with some new purchases. And so, once again, it’s time for a list of experiences:

  • ICS M16 w/ M203 – Still love running around with the gun but its still not working. I need to bed the hop unit in but also the hop wheel is jammed on. I think I need to do a bit more sorting with it. The other problem is with the M203 – the firing pin every so often doesn’t quite hit the striker enough to set off the round. Again, a bit more sorting.
  • KWA Sig P226 – A new purchase and one that needs a little bit of work. In terms of how it shoots and handles I love it. It’s a beautiful shape, the evolution of the 1911’s design principles and it handles in a very similar way. The lack of a safety is a little odd but is made up for the trigger pull being tougher. Overall it’s a nice pistol. But it is obvious that has been well used. The gun needs some oiling, it seems to drink silicone oil, there is a loose pin in the back that can move around and can jam the slide and the worst thing is the mag follower has a habit of sticking thanks to someone attacking the mag. I’m going to have to file the side down and find a new pin.
  • KWA Mk23 – My new favourite thing. I really like this pistol all round – from externals to internals to performance. I’d call it a sensible man’s Desert Eagle – it shares the large size but doesn’t have any of the bling connotations you get with the DEagle. The handling is In terms of shooting, it hits out at around 330fps and goes damn far with the correctly adjusted hope. I need to improve my accuracy with it but I got a good few kills with it on Sunday.
  • KWA M93R – The last of the recent purchases and I’m going to sell this on. It is a nice reliable pistol but I much prefer the Sig and the Mk23. It also costs a fortune to use the burst mode as it eats gas and is a pain to reload.


So Airsoft plans – I am going to be selling off my M93R and the Tercel 1911, putting the M16 and Garand to bed until they are fixed/its summer time and using the Thompson/M79 as a primary combination with the Sig/Mk23 as a sidearm. I also need to tweak my vest slightly so I can move the holster further up the vest in order to stop it from pulling all the weight to the bottom of it, which can be a pain when it comes to crawling around in the nettles. Apart from that, I think I’m just about sorted, apart from repairs and the like.

Well, that’s it for. Expect some more as term starts – I’ll put up some work both here and on my tumblr so you can see what I’m up to.

A Tale of FTL: The Saga of the Marathon

Let me tell you a tale, one which should resonate with any space ship fans and should help to explain why I’m a little bit obsessed with FLT: Faster Than Light, a newly released Indy Roguelike.

FTLGame 2012-09-14 22-53-50-19

It is the tale of the Marathon, a Federation Kestral Class vessel recently brought back into service as the war against the Rebels worsened. It small three man crew, made up of the bottom of the barrel – Old men and boys still loyal to the dreams of the Federation – a galaxy united to strive into the future. Pilot Derek, Shield Technician Dave and Gunner Stan all ready to deliver a secret message to high command as they speed away from the oncoming Rebel fleet.

Their tale began peaceable as they fought their way through neutral zones and pirates. Three sectors in they encountered a Rebel stronghold territory and were forced to flee, limping into the Engi (Robotic allies of the Federation) territory with airlock open to help extinguish the flames. Along the way they had stood for the Federation – helping refugee ships, throwing bribes from pirate’s back into their face and using its crew’s expertise to help out many a world thrown off course by the war against the Federation.

In the Engi sectors, they finally met their great ally – Mathieu, an Arachnid who joined the crew as an engine specialist. As well as his technical skill, he also added some punch to the fight especially when a gang of pirates managed to teleport on board on burn down the medi-bay. He truly became part of the crew.

FTLGame 2012-09-14 23-17-45-11

Further on, the Marathon ran into the Rocks, a race of rock people of great owner. As the crew reached the exit point, they were issued a challenge by Rock vessel. Above a dying sun firing out solar flares, the crew had to fight on three fronts – one against the Rock ship, one against the Rock intruders set on burning their ship and the waves of solar flares opening holes into space. After a tense few moments (Including a point where the engine bay, oxygen production room and weapon systems were all on fire) the Rocks retreated inviting us to join them in the next sector while leaving the Marathon to repair itself before once again limping into the next zone.

Despite fearing the Rock’s challenge was simply a waste of munitions and fuel, they finally found the Rock fleet. Inspired by the Marathon’s ability to survive, The Rocks sent their fleet to assist the Federation and added their special armour to the Marathon to help it on its way.

A sector later, the Marathon came upon a floating ship, covered in ice and floating through space, while they were hunting for scrap to help improve their ship. Upon flying over they discovered a damaged stasis pod, filled with a mysterious crystal. Unfortunately, nothing much could be done with it so it just sat in the edge of the shields bay.

FTLGame 2012-09-14 23-24-36-54

Finally the Marathon reached the Federation fleet and imparted the message. Its purpose done, Derek, Dave, Stan and Mathieu set off on their final mission to destroy the Rebel flagship. Sadly, this would be the end – The lightly armed Marathon could not cause enough damage before it was destroyed. Derek died while trying to bring the sensor system back online. Dave died at his post when the shields took a hit from a missile system. Stan and Mathieu lasted until the bitter end, dying only when the ship itself fell to pieces.

FTLGame 2012-09-14 23-24-42-09

This was my fourth playthrough of FTL (first on my main machine) and I love it. For £6 you can’t go far wrong as its blend of storytelling (which is a little bit like Serenity) and addictive combat is perfect. My only annoyance has to be the flipping enemy boarders that are pretty hard to deal with. It’s well worth a buy and is now available on Steam, Good Old Games or via the developers directly.