On Virtual Tiny Tanks, Tiny Tanks, Work and a little bit of Airsoft

A bit more variety since last time as I have a fair bit to talk about. Topics range from games featuring tanks to work I’ve done this week and a little bit of airsoft. Just a little bit.

WarGame 2012-02-18 19-43-53-63

First up I have spent most of today at home feeling a little off thanks to a combination of giving blood and a few drinks the night before. Due to this, I’ve managed to do a little work but ended up mostly playing Wargame European Escalation. I finally managed to get past my major sticking point in the game’s singleplayer which is the final level of the second campaign. It was a pretty close thing – the objective is to achieve a higher points total than the NATO alliance (who start out with a significant points bonus as well as a greater selection of troops) while you instead have to use only the troops you managed to salvage from the last mission which are never going to be appropriate ones for the mission in hand. In the end, I’d lost all my command sectors, was down to T62s (Cheap, terrible and waiting to brew up) and APCs (not really designed to go head to head with tanks) against M1A1 Main Battle Tanks and only managed to win thanks to 40 points. To put in context, a single new T62 with no experience costs 25. So a little close for my liking.

Overall, Wargame is still a a really fun game. It does a fantastic job at looking good and easy to get into while at the same time having some pretty complex systems hidden in the background. Take for example the wire guided missile system – as long as the unit firing stays stationary, the missiles are pretty much guaranteed to hit the target 95% of the time. The problem I have with this is that it can play into the massive problem that Wargame has – its abilty to be a massive dick.

Take for example the humble BMP-3. A late-era Russian transport, this vehicle is oddly one of the most powerful units in the game. It mounts both a 100mm gun/launcher and a 30mm autocannon which means it can handle anything and everything. The first mission of the last campaign grants you an Mi28 – the Russian equivelent of the Apache fitted to the brim with fire and forget missiles as well as the latest tech. While playing the mission, a stationary MI28 can be downed by three BMP3s rushing it at high speed before the BMP3s would then proceed to dick on everything else. In fact, the game can run some bullshit past you, with veteran AT teams refusing to engage vehicles trapped in their killzone due to some unknown reason. Overall, I’m going to play a little more of this I think.


In other little tank news, I’m also wanting to get back into miniature wargaming. Building little tanks and figures is something of a relaxing hobby and the world war 2 airsofting I’ve done has reignited my interest in World War 2. In addition, one of the other members of Teesside Airsoft has been playing Flames of War, one of the most popular miniature games that cover WW2. Having played a little bit of it last year, I’m now really wanting to get into it properly. Luckily, Battlefront has released a new starter set featuring (among other things) the super cool artwork you see above which kind of matches up to what Teesside Airsoft is all about. Hopefully, I might be able to pick up this for Christmas (either with my own money or as a present)and then return to Teesside garbed in my airborne kit before playing someone else with a combined British/American force. All I need to add is a Churchill tank or two and maybe some commandos.

Undercurrent Prototype Video

In terms of work, things are flying ahead. We presented our first presentation of our group project, Undercurrent, last Monday and it went down pretty well. Its a few weeks until the first prototype has to be handed in and really the programmers are tweaking up a few more things in preparation for it. In terms of my own personal project, I’ve been assigned my personal project supervisor. He is from the Computer Science school as opposed to the Games side which I think will be useful – my project is primarily general computing focus rather than just about games. More info coming soon on this. Other project are cracking along right on track.


Finally, more airsoft. Not much to chat about from the last trip seeing as not much happened. Also there are hardly any shots of me airsofting so here is the video. The biggest things is that my M16 got a kill before it had some issues and died. Well, after cutting the hop unit out of it I am now selling it in bits online. Keep an eye out

And that’s it – I’ll be away next weekend as I’m WW2-ing it up airsofting and so I may have to try and sneak a blog in at some point.