On GoPros, Airsoft and LR300

I mentioned in my last post about my GoPro and showed off my first trip to Halo Mill. That was a fantastic introduction to it and now I’ve had two more chances to play with it and make some videos.


The first trip was to Halo Mill again, this time on my birthday weekend and with the Teesside Airsoft lot. I had a blast – all the joy of the small site and tight spaces combined with the speed and aggression of the Teesside and NAA players led to some fantastic play. I tried filming with a much lower frame rate this time and although still a little grainy, the footage looked a little better. I also managed to capture some cool scenes. Sadly at the end of the day a few other people turned up who cheated although I later found out they had been kicked out after we finished for the day. (Videos here )


The second trip was last Sunday in the midst of the UK falling to pieces in the snow. Up until this point, I have never played in the snow due to a few factors such as it hardly snowing in the UK enough to leave a thick layer on the ground or being busy when it has. However, we went back to NAA to have a bit of fun in the snow. The day was great, some good play on each side even through a few people may have been ignoring a hit or six. The GoPro also had a good use showing just how good it can be in daylight, especially with the snow adding extra light to it. I’m struggling to find time to edit it just yet as I have a project due in next Monday but as soon as I have some free time it will be online.


On both these trips I’ve been using my LR300. So at the moment it has a minor issue with an airleak meaning its got a lower FPS than it should do. This hasn’t stopped it being a fantastic gun to use. No matter what your thoughts are of the AR15 series, you can’t argue its a iconic looking receiver. The LR300 combines this with a different hand guard, different flash hider, an AK style gas system (at least on the real steel) and due to this last feature a skeleton stock. This makes it a perfect CQB gun allowing you to knock it down to the point where it acts like an MP5K. Having tried it folded its a super fun gun.

In contrast to my last post I’ve decided to save a little money. Rather than buying an MP7 after I sell off my M1 Carbine and my P226, I’ve decided to spend some of that money on upgrading my LR300 seeing as I’ll be using this for most of next year. The biggest expenditure will be a tune up thanks to Owen, one of the clubs grads (and iconic tech priest) as I’m not doing anything else gearbox related in the future. This should give it an all round improvement and make it primarily reliable while improving the Rate Of Fire, Range and Accuracy. On top of that I’m buying a few accessories. The first is magazines – I’ve traded away three of my VN mags and replaced them with some PMAGs. These are fantastic looking mags complete with fake rounds in the magazine. The swap has also meant my friend’s CAR15 is using proper mags rather than modern stuff. I’m intending to buy three more (bringing the total up to 6). But that isn’t all the mags I’m buying. I’m a fan of Cat Shit One (Apocalypse Meow) and its anime version includes an M4 that uses AK mags. Upon seeing a 6 pack of mags for £6 each, I though they would be a useful/funny addition to my arsenal. I’m also picking up a magnifier to go with my EOTECH, less for aiming and more for target spotting. It also helps to make the gun look cooler. Finally my last part of this upgrade is something else I want to leave until it arrives.

That’s it for now, sorry for a short one. Now to get back to programming.

On Airsoft: to the past and to the future!

So 2012 has been and gone. Its been a pretty decent year especially in terms of my airsoft. It really was this past year that it has become my main hobby above even videos games, a previous focus that was the main thing that focus behind making this blog. You can see this shift in just how many posts I’ve written about games this year compared to how many I’ve talked about video games.

This doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of games anymore – I still like playing games, I still want to work in the industry making games for other people after I finish university and I’m wanting to do a masters in Games Production to get more skills to help me make games. But at the moment, most of my thoughts are on airsoft especially when I’m in a blog writing mood. I’m going to be writing a lot about airsoft in the future with a much greater focus on it in terms of the theme (I’ll be adding some new top bar images) and such.


The Past

2012 has seen some great leaps forward in terms of being an airsofter. I’ve tried some different styles of events, managed to go a few more new sites will also increasing my own knowledge of different airsoft guns and their mechanics.

Events – 2012 was the first year I’ve tried the filmsim WW2 events. These are a real change of  pace from normal skirmish events, providing a bit more of a realistic feel without slowing down the day or requiring you to play through the night.

New sites – I’ve managed to get to The Mall, Anzio Camp and Halo Mill. All three site are outside of the usual places I go to with more CQB stuff than NAA. The Mall and Anzio Camp are two of the landmark sites in the UK and while I found The Mall disappointing, Anzio Camp was a fantastic trip. Halo Mill is very different site to anything else I’ve tried. With it being entirely indoors, there is no sudden change in range unlike at the Mall and its all about fast paced CQB games.

New Airsoft Guns – Over this year I bought and sold a horrifying number of guns. Looking back, I am a little worried that it may be a little overkill. This has the plus side of letting me try out so many different types of guns from spring shotguns to gas power grenade launchers. This year I’ve picked up my M1 Garand, a collectors piece I will never sell, and a fine set of CQB length pistols and rifles that I will be taking with me to Dundee in the vain hope I can still airsoft and do my masters.

Knowledge – For once I’ve actually pulled open my various airsoft guns and grenades and disassembled them. Now this hasn’t always gone well (I’m so sorry M16) so I probably won’t be doing this again. But I can at least talk to a tech guy and know what the hell he is blabbering on about.


The Future

Stop buying guns – Seriously I need to stop. After looking closely at my collection, I’m going to sell off my M1 Carbine and replace it with the slightly more practical MP7 GBB which I have been wanting for ages. This and a few bits of kit should be the last new things I buy apart some consumables and sundries like gas, bbs and replacement parts.

Improve my skills – I’m not a fantastic airsoft player as you might be able to see from some of my few videos. I really would like to improve my skills at airsoft to make better use of the kit I wear. Be this just by playing more with the same kit or learning a few more tweaks I don’t know. I really want to improve my M79 use amongst other as this is a pretty unusual weapon to see.

Record and edit video – I got a GoPro 3 Black Edition for Christmas/Birthday from both sets of my Grandparents which is something I am immensely thankful for. I love airsoft and I love showing off pictures and talking about it. The only downside is that without a cameraman always following you, you can miss out on some cool stuff. I really wanted a headcam so I can capture everything at the games I go to from my point of view which I managed to have a first try at Halo Mill on the 30th. Part of this is a desire to learn video editing and how to use cameras in generally and combining it with airsoft makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, you’ll be see a lot of footage. Or my Grandma will be hunt me down

Try Milsim – I’ve made fun of it so much but I never tried it. Having seen that the NAA marshalls play a fair bit of milsim games with Stirling, I’d like to join them in giving it a go. Just so I can say I’ve played it.

Play more Airsoft – Trains on a roll – why should it stop?

So that is it for now – I’ll be writing ore about my GoPro once I’ve had a little bit more of a play with it.