On Animex Week, Upgrades, Give It A Go’s and Films

Well time for another one of these blogs. I’m currently at home for a few days before a week off (har har har) for Animex so I have plenty of time to catch up on some uni work.

So far all of my work is progressing really well. I’ve managed to get working prototypes of both stages of my deliverables together by last week. As well as this, I’ve got large draft portions of my dissertation partially written. They need to be edited to fit the correct formatting but I’m feeling quite happy about how I’m doing. Simultaneously, my Advanced Games Development work has hit its second presentation which worked out pretty well. The gameplay is mostly complete and the artists have done fantastically. I just need to tweak a few kismet nodes into actual code. One of the flaws of doing a group project in UDK is that the programmers can be side lined quite easily by the designers using Kismet so I’m a little concerned about my final write up. The plan is to spend my Animex week hard at work for the entire thing. I’ve got what I have to do, I now have to sit down and get it done.


Another reason to get it done is wanting to go on a few more trips before April/May time where i switch into final hand-in mode (apart from the Anzio trip but we’ll ignore that hypocrisy). My next trip is to Gunman’s new North West urban site in Manchester with a few friends outside of TSU. For this I’m hoping to have my LR300 all upgraded in time (hopefully) but it all depends on two parts arriving from abroad in time. Here is a brief list of what’s being done to it (the picture above is a work in progress):

  • Hurricane Upgrade Kit (M4 M90) / Polycarb piston / Guarder Shim set – So lets throw out everything from the gearbox apart from the casing and start again. Because clone parts. Should help to fix the airseal problem currently afflicting my LR300.
  • Tightbore Barrel – Increase in accuracy and improvement in grouping. Also LR300s have a tiny barrel.
  • R Hops, Hop Nub and Red Madbull Rubbers – Additions to the already installed Madbull hop unit should help to improve the range and accuracy even more. The R Hops were listed under “HOW UNFAIR DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS” on the list of parts to upgrade.
  • Upgraded Motor and Mosfet – improvements to rate of fire and more importantly trigger response. The mosfet also includes better wiring to replace the crappy stuff that literally falls to pieces while working with it.
  • Lipos and Deans Connecters – Improvements to rate of fire and trigger response. Also brings me screaming into the 21st Century.
  • Tactical Latch for the charging handle – IT DOES LITERALLY NOTHING. Seriously. All it does is make it look a little different and a bit more personal to me.
  • Single point sling – because its the best style of sling for a short length carbine. The three point I’d use for something longer or the L85 series doesn’t work so well with the LR300 due to the sling points
  • Torch/Laser combination on a barrel mount – I’m starting to do a fair bit of CQB and a torch always comes in handy. The laser is not aligned so its more for the effect rather than practicality. I would like to sort out something with a toggle switch I can attached somewhere else rather than pressing the button on the torch. But for now its fine.
  • Eotech with magnifier – The Eotech is my preferred optics for airsoft after having used it. Its cool looking amongst the rest especially on M4 style guns. It also pairs up with a magnifier making it useable as a 3x zoom scope. I need to adjust the mount a little bit to set it up properly but as a spotting device it works fine. IF YOU BUY A CLONE DO NOT TRY TO FLIP IT SHUT. It will not work. And then you will be sad
  • Tracer Unit – This was more a spur of the moment thing rather than a planned upgrade. One of these popped up on Zero In for cheap and so I grabbed it. This will be really cool at any indoor/night games and should lead to some cool effects on my GoPro. It does mean I need to buy tracer rounds (alongside 8mms, gas for 40mm shells and more) which is a little annoying but hopefully will be cool.

This upgrade is a fair amount of money but my LR300 will be my go to gun, its compact size making it perfect for packing into a rucksack and getting on a train to go to a site so I need it to be reliable, powerful and accurate. It will also be perfectly set up for me – a symbol of how I want to play airsoft, more so than any of my WW2 kit can really show off.


However, since the last post I have actually had another day out using my LR300 at the TSU Airsoft Give It Go. Well I say using my LR300, I actually mean using my Mk23 (after forgetting to put the battery in my LR300) a Maurshin shotgun (because 8mm is hilarious) and an LR300. Overall it was a really fun day. I took some great shots with the GoPro which is up in two parts on YouTube. I am annoyed that I managed to miss out on a fantastic moment of heroism just because I got out of sync with turning my camera on and off. I really need to start using the remote but I need to find a way to protect it from BB hits and turning it on and off by accident in my pocket. However, I think the footage from this trip really shows off just how good the camera can be under the correct lighting conditions.

You may notice from the picture I’m wearing the latest version of kit, with my usual plate carrier on top of my ABU kit and a new helmet. The helmet is a Fast Helmet replica which was bought as the perfect mount for the GoPro, giving it a stability you just don’t get with the head band mount. I also like having a solid lump of plastic on my head, giving a bit of protection from hits while also giving me a way to make my kit more individual. I’ll soon be tweaking it slightly for needs but from now on I’ll be rolling that arrangement unless the game demands otherwise.


Finally films. Two recommendations -  Wreck It Ralph and Good Day to Die Hard.


Wreck It Ralph is one of my favourite films of all time after seeing it. Its a fantastic animated film with some really clever ideas that makes the worlds it makes work. It isn’t just “LOOK GUYS WE GOTZ SONIC” – in fact after the first 10 minutes you hardly see them. The story is really good, voice actors perfect and well worth a watch.

DF-04888 (Large)-4819

A Good Day to Die Hard is a fun dumb action film featuring Bruce Willis being an American in Russia and wrecking stuff. Don’t come to it expect anything as good as the originals. Instead its something to sit down to with some popcorn and enjoy the spectacle of stuff blowing up. Sadly, its obvious that this has been censored heavily for the UK release which means it loses some of its yippee-kay-yay. But its still a laugh.

So thats it. I should be posting, though it will be shifting to my project blog and focus more on my work. But see you around – expect a big article after my LR300 is upgraded talking about how cool it is.