On the End, Airsoft and Summer

Well, this is basically it. My work has been handed in, I have one viva remaining next week to talk through my final year project and then I am finished at university. Its been a long few years but I’m eagerly looking forward to the end of my time at Teesside and the beginning of what comes after. I receive my results at the start of July. If I get the required grades, then I will be spending my next year up in Dundee doing an MProf in Games Production.

After finishing I’ve had a very nice relaxing week or two. I’ve had a lot of time to sleep in, read some books I’ve wanted to catch up on (really enjoyed Low Level Hell, a helicopter pilots account of Vietnam), finished off a few TV series I hadn’t finished and even got round to finally playing Bioshock Infinite. I’ve also jumped feet first into video editing, finally getting around to making a trailer for my youtube channel which I’m quite happy with the final product. I’m really enjoying improving my skills. I have an idea that I really want to do for another short show reel/trailer based off the old Commando comic books but its a little bit beyond my current skills. I’m planning to take a look into later in the Summer but before then I have plenty of airsoft trips to do (see below). I’ve included the trailer below for you viewing pleasure.

Channel Trailer














As you might have guessed, one of the first thing I did after finishing off university was head down to Huddersfield for a quick bout of airsoft at Halo Mill. This trip (despite falling apart at the seams thanks to transport issues and some silly mistakes I made while playing) was still super fun. I had a good test of my new head gear (helmet, ear shrouds, face protection and goggles) which worked wonders in preventing my ears being covered in BBs but did lead to it fogging up. I also had fun using my MK23 with the silencer/tracer unit attached which was a great deal of fun. Sadly its a little too heavy for constant use, as later games had the slide jam mid way through a shot. But it looks superb.

So once work is over, its time for Summer. After the Rejunion on the 1st of June, I’ll be moving out of my house in Middlesbrough some time the following week. After that, I have a few days off before starting my summer job back where I have worked previously. The plan is to work there from June until September, with a two week break when my parents are on holiday.

Working is Huddersfield is fantastic for more than one reason – Halo Mill is 10 minutes away from work so every Thursday, I think I will be heading over there after work for a weekly blast. Should mean I’ll be well practised when it comes to Ground Zero in August. On top of that, I’ll also be playing a lot at NAA thanks to the fantastic marshalls and fun site.

I’m also going to try and write a little bit more on this but I can’t promise much. However, I am working on a GoPro lessons learned guide which will be up soon.

I Am Still Alive

So yeah. Last post 18th of March.

Good job Michael, good job.

In case you haven’t realised I am in my final year at university. Or I am until 14th when I hand in my final year project. As you would expect, this means I am working like crazy. In fact, the only reason this is going up at all is that I’m at home having an afternoon off before the madness of the final dissertation writing and product tweaking to be done next week. I’m not expecting much sleep.

But there is a bright side. Once that is over and done with (and I’ve done the Vivas for two subjects) I’ve got at least two airsoft trips. One is a trip to Halo Mill (a site I hope to spend a fair bit of time at over the summer thanks to (hopefully) working in Huddersfield) for some up close fun. The other is the Rejunion 2. Last year was a fantastic day of fun at a fantastic site with all my friends. This year should be more fun, especially with the plan to bring ALL my guns out for a play. From the MK23 up to my Garand, it should be a good day.

I’ve also got a set of airsoft footage I’m sat on until I’m finished from both my GoPro and my rear facing camera. It should be good to get two view points, but I need to take a look at it.

I’ll do a huge set of updates after I do my handin but until then here is the latest airsoft photo.

airsoft pic