Summer Posts: On Working and Halo Mill(and also Good News)

EDIT: However, before all that rubbish about work and stuff, I’ve got some fantastic news. Today, I received the provisional marks for my last year of university. I have received a 2.2 in my Games Device Programming, a 2.1 in my Multiplayer Games Programming and 1st’s in my Advanced Games Development (the group project that spawned Undercurrent) and Online Business Systems modules as well as a 1st in my Final Year Project (Teesside’s name for your dissertation effectively). Overall, this works out at a nice and comfortable 2.1 which is just what I need to get to Dundee – in other words, unless the exam boards think all my teachers were going mad during the year,

I’ll be going to Dundee in September to do an MProf in Games Development!

I may be a little excited.

I’m back at work hence the slightly lack posting of new posts (not that you would notice). I’m odd in the fact that I like have the structure in my life of getting up a certain time every morning, going into work, doing and job and then coming home in the evening to make the most of what little leisure time is left before collapsing into bed. My job isn’t the most difficult or the most exciting but its still enjoyable. A lot of the time is just me getting on with the job be that entering data or testing machines while listening to music (currently the new Daft Punk or Studio Killers albums) but still there are points where I get to talk the crack with the other IT staff. I’m at work for a total of 13 weeks, including two weeks paid holiday at the end of July, start of August.

Going to work in Huddersfield everyday has, bizarrely enough, also allowed me to go airsofting much more. Halo Mill is on the other side of Huddersfield and is open on a Thursday night. My plan is to go down every week while I’m working to have a few hours of airsoft followed by a (non-alcoholic) drink (as I’m driving) at the pub. The guys down there are fantastic, with a welcoming set of staff, excellent marshals and some good players will to get stuck in. There were some fun games on last Thursday with the MK23 and LR300 both getting a good runaround. My much maligned Element LLM was finally put to good use and its a fantastic little torch/ laser. I’m going to get it set properly this week. Midweek airsoft is a bit of an odd thing but its fantastic to play at a site full of decent people.

Another cool part of Halo Mill is that I have paid for a year’s membership. As part of this I was given a free training session. The session is part 1 of a four part course that in total starts from the basics and goes up to using gas masks and hostage rescue techniques (stuff you will never use when airsofting). Part 1 is the very basics, covering safety procedures before getting on the range and practising with the pistol in a variety of draws, shots on target and turning to face the target. A little bit of carbine training is done, but most of it is done in the second part of the training course. Overall, it was a fun time on a Saturday morning. The instructor is a stand up guy who knows his stuff, and the course flow pretty quickly. I was really happy with some of my groupings, even when I was snap shooting. If you don’t get a Halo Mill membership, you can pay £35 to do the course.

Outside of Airsoft, I’ve got three separate games I’m working on. Two I hope to release very quickly thanks to their small size and design while the third is a labour of love I’ll probably be working on for a while. More details are available over at the Static Charge Studios page on my portfolio at

Back, Free and Ready!


And that’s over with. I am no longer living up in Middlesbrough having returned home after a fantastic weekend at Rejunion 2.

There was some great play on the Saturday and it was really cool to go airsofting with most of the old guys. Over 900 photos got taken by our various camera people, everyone seemed to enjoy the Mr President game I put together (with tons of help from Mr Wallace and co), there is a decent amount of footage and everyone was so tired that there wasn’t even mention of going out clubbing. Overall, it was one of the best weekends airsofting I’ve had. Just a shame I felt terrible on Monday and so found it hard to get everything packed up. Luckily, my awesome flat mates were on hand to assist in exchange for sugar and chocolate.


Its an end of an era – I’m no longer a student at Teesside and no longer a paying member of the Airsoft club. Its a little weird but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The main thing is going to be waiting for my result before I can guarantee I’m off to Dundee.

In the mean time, I’m very happy to say I will have a job this summer so I should be able to do all the things I want with ease while saving up. Does however mean I will be super busy and not get a huge amount of holiday but hey, that’s the trade off.

All for now, some more posts coming once I have more energy. Off for a walk up Ingelbrough tomorrow which should get some decent GoPro footage. I’ll update some more posts soon.