University 2: Study Harder

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am now studying a the MProf in Games Development course. After the first week of induction (course introduction, welcome to IT and such) this second week has been the first teaching. Its been slightly reduced teaching admittedly (many modules skipped their seminar sessions) but I have at least had a taste of all five modules I’m doing this term. My two optionally ones (AI and DirectX programming) are helping to fill gaps I made for myself at Teesside in terms of my knowledge. The core ones range from learning about the Games Industry academically up to the point of the MProf, being split off into separate small groups to make games. We’ve only just started but its really nice to meet everyone else on the course. More than the undergrad, its obvious that everyone there wants to makes games and is motivated to. My group at the moment is the three of us (myself as programmer, a designer and an artist) with a producer on hand to help out with the organisation. As part of this I’ve been assigned a desk! It has drawers and everything!


In addition, I’ve also been living by myself for the first time ever. In previous years, I at least had to share a kitchen with other people meaning that there was always at least someone around. This year I’m by myself in a studio+ flat (meaning I have effectively two rooms rather than everything in one slightly larger room). This means all the cleaning, washing up and such is on me. On the plus side, it also means that no one is going to be “borrowing” any of my food. I’m going to be taking full advantage of the slow cooker my parents have lent me by cooking up some stews and such – being able to prepare in the morning, turn on and have something cooked when I get back will be pretty handy.

In my free time I’ve investigated a couple of the societies to take up what little free time I have. So far I’ve been along to RMAS and the Game Development Society. RMAS (Renaissance Martial Arts Society) is all about teaching martial skills based of late medieval/renaissance training manuals. From German Longsword to Italian Dagger, they teach a wide range of skills. I got a very strong vibe from the RMAS guys which was similar to the Airsoft club. I’m going to give it a go for a few weeks to see but its highly likely I’ll stick with it. The Games Development Society on the other hand seems like a really good club but I’m not too happy with the time outlay required by it. I might still go along every so often to take a look.

I’ve also managed to get out and try the local airsofting down at Crail. So far I’ve only tried it at night but I’ll soon be going back (on the 27th of October) to try it during the day. So far, it seems to be a fantastic site. Its similar to Anzio in terms of its style, with some long sight lines combined with indoor close quarters room clearing. Some of the bigger building lead to some tense firefights – the night game was pretty close and personal once the action shifted indoors. The 870 performed fabulously, but the king of the evening’s play was using the Thompson again. Despite not having recharged the batteries for several month, it performed perfectly although it would have been nice have had a rail on the gun for torches. More information on the site (and possibly video) after the next game.

That’s all for now, more details in a week or two. I’ll write up some stuff on games

Moving On

So its been really quiet on here. Sorry about that, been a little busy.

  • I went to Ground Zero, it was pretty fun and the video is up (see below)
  • Airsoft-wise, I also went to some more Halo Mill and also to Anzio. Both of those have video coming soon once I find some time (hopefully later this week). Forty managed to put up his video quickly so that is below
  • From the desk of Forty comes an all new action thriller…
  • I moved up to Dundee for my MProf in Games Development. Had a great first day chatting to more people and being told about how much of a change it will be. I’m excited about this course and fully expect to work like a madman but it should be a great experience
  • Dundee is super nice, especially after living in Middlesbrough. Nice size with all the shops I need.
  • My flat is nice. Its a little odd living by myself but not having to worry about flatmates absconding with food is always nice

Some posts coming soon but I am a little busy.