Moving On

So, its been a while since I posted an update. Since my last one back in May , a few things have happened.

I did a major group project working for Sony and developing for Playstation 4


This was my final term project. I ended up on the team working with Sony’s technology, converting an earlier demo made in Unity into a PS4 dedicated application. The project was a fantastic opportunity, letting me work on the gameplay aspect in a role I’ve really found myself focusing on and wanting to enter the industry and work on. We also got to present the game in a public enviroment which was also an experience – nothing makes the overtime and late nights better than seeing people enjoying your game.

More information can be found on my portfolio site

I finished my Masters Degree

2014-07-11 16.11.11

With the end of the project, I also finished off my Masters and moved away from Dundee. I really enjoyed my year in Dundee; I met a bunch of fantastic new people who helped to show me a whole bunch of new skills and new viewpoints, I had some really good times both at the pub and during the work, I’ve expanded my skills immensely. At this point, I am 100% more confident at looking for jobs then I was this time last year. I’m also 100% more interested in working – programming is now something I’m passionate about, something I love doing.

Speaking of which…

I went looking for jobs

So I started looking for work way before I before I finished at Abertay. In an ideal world, I would roll straight out of uni, have two weeks off to chill/get things in order and then straight into a job doing gameplay programming. Thanks to the sterling work of Aardvark Swift and Amiquis, I got a good few interviews at several companies all for graduate positions focusing on mobile and gameplay roles. I fluffed a few  interview but literally today I got the final piece of news that lets me say…

I’m moving to Brighton to start my new job as a Gameplay Programmer on the 29th of September

So one month after leaving Dundee and four years (almost to the day) after starting at Teesside, I’m going to be start my new position down at Big Bit in Brighton. Aardvark Swift managed to help me into my dream starting role; the company looks great, the projects sound exciting and after meeting the guys down there this week, it sounds like they already have a pile of work ready for me to sink my teeth into. I’m still looking for housing so the first few weeks will be living out of a hotel but I’m excited to move into my first adult job and get to using my skills.

So, it may be a little quiet across my entire blogs. At this point, best place to see what I’m up to is probably twitter at @ChargeDog. There is also a very good chance that I’ll be slowing down posts across both this and my devblog – its going to take me a while to double check just what I can and can not post and to get used to working a long ass work week. Oh and also stop myself spending all my time on the beach.