Unemployment Update

So last post was a little abrupt and a little depressing.


However, I have some better news. Starting on the 4th of April, I’ll be starting work up in Edinburgh at Rockstar North. Its a massive jump from small mobile studio in Brighton to one of the world’s leading developers in Edinburgh. Sadly my flat move in has been slightly delayed so I won’t be in the city full time for a few weeks.

In other news, my move in being delayed has also meant I will be sadly missing out on Salute. Sadly I’ll miss out on filling my pockets with tiny metal figures but I might try and order some of the exclusives online – especially Spectre, who are promising two exclusives this year.

I’ve also got some other news about wargaming but I’m going to have to hold fire on it until I get final confirmation.

With moving up north, there will be some disruption. Expect a few more weeks with no more posts.