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My name is Michael Charge and I’m a UK based games developer. In my spare time, I’m also a keen wargamer, airsofter and do enjoy staring at screens playing other people’s games.

I’m currently based in Edinburgh working for a major AAA games development studio. Before that, I worked as a mobile developer in Brighton. I spent 4 years at university, first at Tesside University in Middlesbrough and then a year doing a MProf at Abertay University Dundee

Most of his life is available on Twitter, Facebook and this very site (try looking here.)

Site History


HNTDAAB (Or How NOT To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb) was (once upon a time) a blog detailing the works of Michael Charge, back when I was an aspiring games developer/journalist. It contains versions of all the various articles I had written for both my own personal blog and for other publications and projects. Articles from other sites or from the archive will be noted as such.

The blog originally started back in August 2008 as a personal blog before increasing to a multi-person site in Summer 2009. After a database issue in March 2010, the site was restarted in its current form.

It is now a standard blog with a particular focus on wargaming.