Pre-Thoughts On… Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

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Spiderman games have previously not been that good. Fans may remember the movie games with some joy, but Friend and Foe was a rather bad attempt to milk some money out of poor Spidey. Luckily the newest game in the franchise actually looks very promising


Shattered Dimensions is an action adventure sets you in the role of four versions of Spiderman from four different comic books trying to find the parts of a mysterious tablet. The first is standard, red suited Spiderman from the Amazing Spiderman series of comics. This is very old school, jumping around and fighting off classic villains such as Kraven. Your fighting style is all about using web-slinging powers to beat up the bad guys. It also has an over saturated palette to hark back to its comic book routes. It also feature the great NPH as the voice acting and based on the sound effects I’ve heard, he is perfect for the role.


The next is Noir Spiderman from the Noir books. In this, our hero is a vigilante with no super powers and two home made webguns. It’s set in a 1930’s/Prohibition era, with all the villains rethought of without their superpowers. It is also more about the stealth aspect seeing as Peter isn’t exactly a superhero and can’t deal with bullets in the same way as the other versions. Instead, you’ll have to jump around, sticking people to walls and avoiding the light. It does look very striking, in a Sin City style noir look as is appropriate.


Third is Spiderman 2099, a futuristic take on the story. Instead of Peter Parker, Spiderman is Miguel O’Hara, a geneticist who inherits the powers of the original Spiderman and then goes to fight crime! 2099 focuses on the air combat and acrobatics as your guy jumps through a futuristic landscape and fights future versions of Doc Ock, Scorpion and Hobgoblin.


Finally, the last setting is Ultimate Spiderman. This is a tweaked version of the real world version, where Spidey is still wearing the Alien costume and has a greater focus on the symbiote enemies than normal. This section also feature a fight with “The Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool who has to be one of the best comic book characters ever put on paper.

I’m going to pickup a copy of this at some point to give it a go but this has the potential to be one of the best Spiderman games ever despite it not being the free roaming world Spiderman fanboys love.