Wargaming Week 24/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 17th of April through to the 23rd of April.


Two posts this week:

The first was a battle report of Thursday’s game at the club. Spectre ops, tanks and technicals. A few more thoughts below.

The second was my recap of the Salute weekend. It’s tired me out like you wouldn’t believe but I had an excellent time.


Using Spectre on Thursday, there was some fast paced action from the tanks, smashing its way through the rebels. I feel we were pushing the spectre rules to their limits but after talking to the guys on Friday, I can see it was more designed for a few technicals or an SUV rather than a horde of armour. Possibly cool rules coming up?


For most of them, see my Salute post.

However, I have also received a few other things. A friend of mine from the club has passed over his moderns collection. It comprises of a load of Mongrel Miniatures Russians, a few toy AFVs and a few toy cars. Completely unexpected, but I have ways to use them. Really don’t want to repaint them but they are on penny bases and it just feels wrong.

I also, after meeting the team behind it at Salute, picked up the rules for Tribal as something to have a read through and enjoy. You never know what you can learn from a ruleset.

To end though, I think I’m going to dial back my purchases until Claymore in August. I want to bring my painted percentage up and be a little pickier about what I buy. There are one or two upcoming items that might get past the screen (British AFV crew ready for Boar Fighter for example) but mostly it will be months of painting and terrain building and board preparation.


The big thing this week was a rush to get some more technicals and stuff ready for Thursday’s game. Very happy with them (even if they were speed painted) and glad they are ready to play with. The only bit of technical stuff left is the two AA guns and the last .50cal gunner. I also managed to paint up the sheikh thanks to the tactic of douse in paint and wash.

As always, still working on simple jobs at work. Started painting the base layer of the desert marpat on all my marines.

Wargaming Week 17/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 10th of April through to the 16th of April.


No blog posts this week – writing more rules and been busy looking at my collection and working stuff out (more details on that later)


Also no gaming – starting planning for CGS S01E03 and getting the figures in place for it. Also doing more planning on the demo board and it’s setup. I’m also planning some gaming for Thursday – thinking some Spectre with a load of figures and vehicles on the table.


So this week I decided to sit down and do an audit of my models. The full details are available over on my collection page but here are some short asides

  • Total infantry models: 629
  • Percentage painted: 54%
  • Total vehicles: 22
  • Percentage painted: 41%

First of all, I have no idea how I have so many figures. I use a fair percentage of them but I will probably be doing some pruning and refocusing at some-point in the future.

It was also a little distressing to see figures from the Spectre kickstarter are still unpainted – definitely a high priority to fix.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that despite all these figures, I can still see a reason for more. I want to bring the US Marines, US Army, US Rangers, Russians and Aussies up to platoon level with a selection of supports (all ready for platoon+). I’d love to add the Chinese as another option (especially with some of their funky kit) and fill out a wider range of supports (both weapons teams and vehicles).


It’s Salute next weekend so nothing for now. However, I have been looking at more upcoming releases and about what else I’m tempted to pick up.

TTCombat have announced two pieces of scenery addition. One is the security pack, including CCTV cameras, terminals and burglar alarms. The other is bank equipment, which includes Gold bars, a bank vault door and bags of swag. I can see a use for both of these and may be tweaking the overall goal of my campaign based on them. After all, what else would people be fighting for than a pile of gold.

I also already have some of Crooked Dice’s excellent lawmen that I use as security guards. Currently, I’m looking into picking up a few guys armed with M16s to give the guards a little more firepower.

After my model audit, I’m going to be moving into a focus on painting for the next few months. However, I think I’d like to expand another faction to platoon level. Still deciding which but the US Army is tempting. Whichever I choose, the plan is to grab a few more packs of infantry and a vehicle or two to support. And then paint them.


Nothing to show yet. Started painting more of my technical weapon teams (ready for an upcoming game) and painted the first layer of desert MARPAT camo for my marines.


As part of further work on my demo board, I finally started building the actual boards. Basic construction is done but I now need to apply a metric ton of filler and then start painting.

Wargaming Week 10/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 3rd of April through to the 9th of April.


After a short delay due to wrestling shenanigans, the battle report on my last solo game is now up. As I say in the report it was a fun time and I’m looking forward to polishing up the rules I was testing. I’m also starting to plan the next game – working out the best way to get both teams in the same game while also trying out some new rules along the way. After all, the whole neighbourhood is after them.


No gaming, just planning and rules writing. Really excited with how the project I’m writing is going – lots of cool stuff coming soon!


No actual purchases this week but more companies are opening up their pre-orders for salute. This week included one of my favourite purveyors of lead, Empress. They seem to be releasing everything this Salute but of keen interest for me is the expansion to the Modern Brits range. This was the first major army I collected but I still found it a little lacking when trying to build a more modern platoon. The major issue was a lack of DMR models, leading to repetition or (in my case) a lack of models. However, Empress are coming back with style. Two new DMR figures, two rocket launching figures (one with LAWs, one with a Matador) and two GPMG teams in different poses. These guys add to the expanding fire support section while the DMRs will sub out two figures in the standard squads. Having had a chat with Paul before, I’m really excited with what comes next.

I’m also looking at purchasing a vehicle for the Bazistan Army from Empress. The BTR 80A should be a good force multiplier, equally at home with the Bazi Army, the Paramilitary Forces or in the hands of the Rebels. Luckily the new British gear should help out.

A little something for the weekend… #spectreminiatures #spectreoperations #tabletopgaming #wargaming

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In terms of other companies, Spectre are keeping quiet on their upcoming except for the new SOF Polaris. I think it looks neat and I will probably be getting some in the near future but my main concerns for Salute is going to pick up their exclusive models and chat to all the other Spectre players at the meetup.

Only two weeks to go!


Week off painting, back to it this coming week. Main focus is getting the rest of my civilian vehicles painted up and on the board then it will be finishing off the insurgents. More importantly, I’m looking down what I need for when I build my boards into actual terrain as that’s what I’ll be doing this upcoming weekend.

Wargaming Week 03/04/2017

Let’s start, covering the 27th of March through to the 2nd of April.


No posts ATM. There are two posts inbound  – a battle report from this weekend’s solo game and something looking at the pile of MDF I’ve reccieved.


Two games this week. The club stuck it’s flying goggles and played some Wings of Glory. I took control of the Sopwith Camel and then proceeded to fly round and round in circles trying frantically to not crash into anyone. There is a much longer article about it over at SESWC.

The other bit of gaming was part 2 in my solo campaign. The report will be up in a day or two (it’s been delayed a bit by Wrestling and also having to frantically paint one of the teams). The game was great and the testing was useful. I made it into a semi-solo game by hammering a friend of mine with decisions to work out over text during the game. Expect the report in the next few days


My Spectre purchases arrived this week. As always, they are a fantastic set of models. Some of the Tier 1 have already been painted, the Agents are next in the queue and the cars are base coated and “sand coated”. However, the standout is the two new terrain features. Both come out the box perfectly casted with no cleanup needed. The variation also helps to make them look less like a clone stamp tool situation

Having planned the mission out, I realised that I would want a few smaller buildings to decorate the battlefield, as well as a shipping container for one of the objectives. To remedy this situation, I headed over to TT Combat and picked up a few things. They took most of the week to arrive but shipping was free. As with Sarissa and Knights of Dice, the laser cut MDF is fantastic with lots of detail and very easy to pop out of place. The Security Barriers and Site Office are great minor buildings to bring open areas to life while the fencing comes with plenty of space. Finally, some toilets help to make any board look more realistic while the containers were spot on.

With two days to go, I realised my warehouse was looking a little bare. A quick visit to Shiny games put a load of Knights of Dice stuff in my hand. I love the pallets especially but I’ll cover all of them in a longer post.

All this means I’m reducing my Salute purchasing plans. A bigger part of that trip is going to see what people have come up with and also meeting the Spectre guys. And maybe making a tiny purchase. The current plan is for a quiet May.


The big painting thing this week was me finishing off the Tier 1 Operators. Needing some contractors for the campaign, these guys are painted up in block colours and tan gear – all ready to join the Argo Corporation. I really love the models although trying to paint them at speed led to a few missed patches. Luckily the wash helped to cover it up

Wargaming Week 27/03/2017

Let’s start, covering the 20th of March through to the 26th of March

Blog Posts

Nothing much – this week has been busy (going to visit family among other things) so most of my writing time has been concentrated on my wargames rules writing. Still cranking through some more rules to be used in this week’s solo game. However, next week will see an update to my MDF reviews and on the weekend a battle report.


I managed to get down to club on the Thursday and get some dice rolling in. Well in this case, it was more card pulling. I jumped in on a playtest game of an English Civil War version of To The Strongest, a ruleset I’ve heard a lot about but never played. It has some really cool ideas and I look forward to playing more (although as with any multiplayer games there were one or two disagreements during the game).

Other (more indepth) articles can be found at SESWC’s page and at Edinburgh Wargamers.



Spectre did their new releases over the weekend and I grabbed a few. The terrain is just what I’ve wanted and will be used quite a lot, especially when building more game focused levels. The new civilian vehicle should bring my collection up to the stage where I can fill a street scene with plenty of vehicles for cover.

The new figures are also exciting to see, with Spectre extending older ranges with more support weapons. The LMG and grenade launcher will be especially useful for the Tier 1 operators.


I’ve painted some more bases at work . It’s working well but I’m running out of Tan Earth (maybe worth a walk across Edinburgh this week to get some more).

In addition I’m starting to paint a few more figures ready for this weekend’s game. Argo is going to need some security guards and maybe a VIP or two.

Wargaming Week 20/03/2017

Lets start, covering the 13th of March through to the 19th of March

Blog Posts

Two posts this week!

The first was a report on my first solo game of Skirmish Sangin. It was a pretty good game and lead to some action packed situations – the rebel rolling a frag grenade under the escape vehicle was particularly fun.

The second is looking at my Adobe buildings and comparing the different manufacturers of them. Each does a different role and I’m probably going to end up buying some more from each of them as the year rolls on.


I got my first solo game in as I mentioned above. Go read the report for my full feedback but it was strangely nice to play solo, especially when trying out rules you’ve written. You miss out on a lot of the social side but it does mean you can play at your own pace. I was able to take notes of every action each time a character was activated which is something that would probably not happen if I was running a game with someone else.


Nothing new but some stuff arrived and some stuff coming soon.

As you can tell from my articles, the Sarissa stuff arrived. I’m really a big fan of the sets I ordered. They are ridiculously high detail and will make for a good board to fight over. Now to finish building that factory…

As for upcoming stuff, Spectre have released a preview of some new stuff. I am a big fan of their existing vehicle and a more standard civilian vehicle will very easily find a place on my wargames table. Also I’m a sucker for jersey barriers.

Oh and I also got my ticket for Salute. Sadly my the original plan has fallen through so i’m now looking into turning up for the evening before and meeting up with a few people for drinks. This is causing me to cry looking at prices for trains and things.


I got a single model painted this week! I need another figure for the solo game to stand in for a medic character. The figure I ended up using was one form the US guys in light gear. He got painted up in the same style as the SAS figures, something I’ll probably do for the rest of the operators.

I’ve also been painting more bases when at work. It’s working out at about 12 models for 40 minutes of painting time which means I am chewing my way through all those models where I have only just done the basecoat.

I’m already planning the next weekend game and I’m going to have to get some of my gangster characters finished off.


Wargaming Week 13/03/17

Lets start, covering the 6th of March through to the 12th of March

Blog Posts

No posts this week. As an aside, the wargames comparison article is still doing really well. This week a Czech site linked to it. Always interesting to see where in the world it gets picked up.


I really want to play more Skirmish Sangin (for multiple reasons) but I’m struggling to find the time between work and not wanting to force someone to play the same game every week at the club (I don’t want to be THAT guy).

Seeing as i’m building a board and buying terrain, I might as well put it to use. SOOOOO, what this means is we are going to have Weekend Warfare where I will be jumping in and playing something solo (or with players once I persuade them to), primarily to remind myself how the game actually works. It will be fought over mostly unfinished mdf (at least to begin with) and it may look like it’s a mess but damn it, I need to roll more dice.


So this is a fun one. I’ve unfortunately had three packages go missing somewhere in the postal system. Two are basing stuff and not massively expensive but the last one is a decent sized order from Sarissa. Most of it is to fill the board for the demo but also a few extra things for fun. As much as this is a pain, I just hope it turns up this week.

I also grabbed some buildings from banksjohnedward on ebay this week after someone on the Spectre group linked to them. They are really cheap (£9 for 3) and are pretty basic but it’s a case of you get what you pay for. I had a little issue with one but the chap behind the buildings is fantastic to work with and is sending a replacement. If you want to fill a board for cheap, these are a pretty good way to go and I am interested in the rest of his range.


I played a lot of Ghost Recon Wildlands. I don’t think it’s a great game but I’m having some fun roaming around the world. If anyone asks, it’s research for board design.


Wargaming Week 06/03/17

New idea I want to try –  a weekly update covering what I’ve been up to for the previous 7 days. It will ever contain short summaries o

So lets start, covering the 27th of Feb through to the 5th of March

Blog Posts

The only other posts this week was an update to my Technical article in order to cover the TOW and M40 weapons. Find the details here!

Wargames Shows

This Saturday was Hammerhead at Newark Showground. 1 hour and 10 minutes from my friend’s in York, the show was really good fun. A huge convention hall for most of the games (with a smaller lounge in a separate building) lead to a very impressive looking show. Some really cool games (the Mad Max table was a loud highlight) and an excellent set of stockists makes Hammerhead well worth a trip. Alas, no pictures as I was busy but WSS and Wargames Illustrated were snapping away.

As for purchases, see below.


After Hammerhead, I went back to York for an afternoon of wargames. Two games were played and both were a really good time

The first was One Page Warhammer 40k or Grimdark Future. Now I’ve started playing Warhammer 40k proper with some work colleagues and, as fun as it is, it has some major issues. One page throws this all out of the way and focus down on a much simpler system. It’s more about throwing more dice rather than lots of different dice and counterproductive special rules. As for the game, the Imperial Fist Battle Brothers fought off the Orc Marauders thanks to the use of roof tops packed with dudes in power armour.

After that, I pulled out all the paperwork and we began a really fun (if a little slow) game of mercs vs bad guys. We played the scenario I wrote for Skirmish Afika and action was fantastic. As I as teaching the game to multiple people (and refreshing one person on it), we only got 6 phases in but the action included rounds spraying down the street, an operator empting the last of his ammo into a shipping container someone was hiding behind and some dramatic deaths.

The only problem was near the end, getting tired and flustered, I lost track of which turn it was. As some planning to demo the game, I need to play some more to get used to it. Alternatively a laminated copy of the turn track would help out.

So looks like I’ll just have to play some Skirmish Sangin then!


Earlier in the week, I had two parcels arrive at work filled with hobby goodness. The first was from Evil Bear Wargames who sent me a miscast of their technical. It fits well alongside the Spectre vehicles (if a little small) but unfortunately I cocked up the assembly leading to a bit of a mess on the underside. The back of the vehicle will fit my HMGs once I’ve sanded down a bulge on it.

The other pack was Spectre’s new Cartel range. As it’s new and shiny, I just had to have it. I haven’t assembled them yet but I have found a few figures I’m a great fan of the. The Sicarios are very dramatic and will be pulling double duty as bank robbers and agents. As for El Quemador… he looks generic enough to be working for the Bazistan militia.

As part of my trip to Newark, I picked up a few things from Empress. In addition to some terrain items to pimp my MDF buildings, I grabbed to US Infantry packs. The SF guys in light kit will be joining the Empress SAS figures as Argo Corporation Contractors while the Assaulters will join my other US Special Forces

That’s all for this week, more catchup next week.