A big part of this blog is focused on wargaming seeing as its my primary hobby at this time. This page acts a reference to the various periods, rules and manufacturers I use.


This is my main period I play. With too many figures and too many rules, its the time period I’m always up for. Mostly I’m focused on skirmish level due to the small scale and general preference for individuals scrapping.


Skirmish Sangin by Radio Dishdash: this is my game of choice for an afternoon’s play. More RPG than pure wargame, it generates some of the best wargames stories I’ve had. I also dabble in writing scenarios/extra rules for it that can be mostly found over on their forum

Black Ops by Osprey: Much more light weight than Sangin but still great to play. Cars based activation lead to interesting turn order. Also very playable with a group of drunks.

Spectre Operations by Spectre: the rules that got me back into wargaming. Early versions need a little work but very excited about the upcoming new release. Nice middle ground between Sangin and Black Ops

OSC by Evil Bear Wargames: I need to play more of this. Very promising so far, great for modern and near future. Feels just like an airsoft game.

Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games:

Model Manufacturers

Empress Miniatures

Spectre Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures

Radio DishDash Miniatures

Evil Bear Wargames



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