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Skirmish Sangin



SKIRMISH SANGIN is a tabletop skirmish game where players control opposing forces, either modern western military forces (ISAF) or insurgent militias that do battle everyday in the modern war for Afghanistan. Inside this book you will find:

  • Simple, fast combat rules that enable furious tabletop skirmish battles
  • Information and rules for creation of professional and insurgent forces
  • A full array of modern weapons and armour for both sides
  • Rules for off table support ranging from snipers to heavy weapon platoons, fast air and helicopters
  • A game that plays as easily with two people as it does for multi-player games.
  • A set of rules that provides an intense and compelling tabletop game regardless of whether you field four figures per side or forty.

One of my main hobbies outside of the video games industry is that of tabletop wargaming. As I started playing I found that Skirmish Sangin was my preffered ruleset. This was due to its level of detail yet also its speed of play, allowing for complex and exciting scenarios to be played out. As time went on, I started writing several small sets of rules and scenarios before posting them onto the Skirmish Sangin forums. One of these caught the eye of the head honcho at Radio Dishdash and so I have started to contribute by writing more scenarios in my free time.

So far several of the scenarios I have written have been released. These are:

This Is My Joystick


As a member of the writing staff for This Is My Joystick, I have written several reviews of various games on both Xbox 360 and PC. Reviews have ranged from AAA titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops to smaller indie titles such as Fate of the World. In addition, I have also written demo impressions and conducted an interview.

A complete list of articles I have written for This Is My Joystick is available here.


In the Summer of 2009, I began writing for a startup website called after one of their editors saw the writing on my blog (How NOT To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb). In total, I wrote several articles for the site before I stopped writing due to a lack of time in January 2010.

Most are still available at the site but due to a site overhaul conducted since I left some have been removed. Many of these have been saved and can be found my blog at this page