Mobile Games Programming

For my Mobile Games Programming module, the programming component was to create a game based utilising mobile technologies such as Bluetooth and motion controls to play a multiplayer game around Wild West gun-slinging.

For mine, I decided to do a top trumps style game, where players select a hand of cards representing different Wild Western characters. Once selected, players would move the phone in a gun-slinging motion to set readiness. I used Cocos2d for the display of the ingame menus as well as for the sound effects.

Overall I was quite proud of my game. Although I could have done more in terms of using the motion controls and more work could have gone into the art, I thoroughly enjoyed developing for the iOS platform despite some of the oddities of pushing builds to device.


[warning]Due to being developed on iOS, a compiled version is currently unavailable. However, the source code is linked to below. It can not be tested on solely via the simulator due to its Bluetooth requirements.[/warning]

Source code is avaiable on BitBucket at https://bitbucket.org/michael_charge/cowboygame


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