10313423_10202653129741659_1769408886271832958_nPitched as the world’s first Rotary Dinosaur game, Rollersaurus was a quick prototype made over a month by myself based off a designer‘s idea for a game. I worked to translate a bare-bones GameMaker prototype into a Unity game that could be deployed to mobile. We set a short time limit on it due to other commitments and aimed to have a small game that included the key concepts with room to expand in the future.

The game was designed for play on mobile devices, utilising the tilt sensor to roll the player character back and forth across the level. Players must then shoot down flying enemies while avoiding being hit. The game has been tested on both Android mobile and tablet devices

I look forward to returning to this prototype and extending it into a full game. I especially like the mock theatrical feel of the level, but I did not manage to get it lit properly before I ran out of time.

Development details can be found on my development blog at http://hntdaab.co.uk/devlog/?cat=2


Source Code

This is avialable online at https://bitbucket.org/michael_charge/rollersaurus

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