Wargaming Week 26/06/2017

Let’s start, covering the 19th of June through to the 25th.


Impressions on Empress’s Vehicle Crew are now up!

This was fun to do although it was a bit of a rush to get it done. Focusing on getting figures done, including 4 in a brand new art style, was a neat challenge. I was really happy with painting all of the US guys in one evening, so it bodes well for getting all my US Infantry Platoon when finished.


Nothing, still focused on writing stuff


I managed to sell off some duplicate figures I have and reinvested in some more stuff

  • A second Foxhound so I can deploy an entire section by them. Also means we can run convoy missions more easily
  • The rest of the Empress SAS to finish off that force
  • A few missing Spectre models, including the undercover agents. I’ve been a little lukewarm on them but having seen some more examples of them painted up I’m coming round on them.

I’ve also paid for my hotel in Cardiff for the Spectre weekend. It ended up a lot cheaper than planned so I’m also eyeing up a few more buildings. I’ve also heard something cool might be coming out soon that will be a day 1 buy.


So, in the process of painting the British crew using the updated multicam pattern and also looking through for duplicates, I started to find more and more figures whose paint scheme just doesn’t look that great. Safe to say I’ve come on a long way since I first painted my models (mainly in precision) and so a refresh needs to happen. The main thing is replacing all my multicam guys with the style used on the vehicle crew above as well as making them a bit neater looking.

Of course, the biggest group of guys in the old style of Multicam is my British Army platoon. Seeing as I picked up some more support weapons, it means I can repaint the original guys to match the new style and also fix some of the poor posing I did when I first assembled them.Before i strip these, I need to pluck the static grass off them.

The first few figures have been stripped (using acetone) but I’m going to try something else – it seemed to lose effectiveness very quickly after only 9 figures.

As funny as this to be making more work for me to do (someone mentioned “Painting the Forth Bridge” when I told them about it), I think I’ll be much happier when everything is updated.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!