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Arcadia is a major country in the Ultramodern setting. It is seated on the (Not NorthAmerican) Continent

Isolated from the rest of the world thanks to natural geography, Arcadia is one of the largest countries in the setting geographically. From the frozen north close to the poles to it's southern mountainous border, Arcadia's land is a mix of wild plateaus broken up by tall mountain ranges before dropping into deep, wide valleys, the flat bottoms and flood basins of which are ideal for arable land. It is incredibly mineral rich, as well as having massive supplies of Oil and Gas.

In terms of Defence, Arcadia is able to take advantage of it's isolation and natural resources. For this reason, Arcadia's main armed forces are a self defence force, it's members forced to do 3 years of mandatory service before remaining in the reserves for 6 more. Arcadia has not had a properly declared war in the last 50 years and has not offically deployed troops overseas in 35 years.

It's weapon systems are small in number but highly advanced, with a focus on mobility (especially in the mountainous terrain), Force Multiplication (allowing small groups of soldiers to outfight much more numerous foes) and light weight. However, Arcadia also leverages it's industrial might to produce weapons for other countries too. It's main customers are it's Southern neighbour, the archipelago nation of San Lorma and it's Western neighbour Jefferson.

Long Range Force Projection

However, since the middle of the 20th Century, Arcadia has managed to develop elements of it's Armed Forces into Long Range Force Projection assets. Arcadian Special Forces are among the best in the world - Special Forces applicants are required to volunteer, reach the required physical standards, show mental agility and skill and also a loyalty to the nation of Arcadia. ASOC (Arcadian Special Operations Command) has deployed small groups worldwide to perform They are backed up by an incredibly far reaching collection of Naval and Air Assets. From the support submarines of the Navy (able to deploy and recover SF teams while also providing guided missile support) to the stealth strike aircraft of the Aerial forces, Arcadia can deploy, supply and support Special Forces missions anywhere in the world.

To direct these elements, the Arcadians have one of the world's foremost intelligence gathering systems. The ACEA (Arcadian Central Espionage Agency)is responsible for mapping out all possible threats to Arcadia and it's interests. No form of observation is out of their reach - their assets range from Spy Satellites to the LELR (Long Endurance Long Range) Drones to human intelligence networks inside other nations. It is often said that Arcadia will often have more spies in a country than that country has counter-intelligence operatives. Controversially, the ACEA remit does include operating inside Arcadia itself.

Arcadia also defends it's self through non-governmental means - due to Arcadia's lack corporate laws, there are over 200 private military corporations with their headquarters inside of Arcadia's borders. These companies are often encouraged by the ACEA (Arcadian Central Espionage Agency) to retract and take contracts that help to push Arcadia's interests forward.


  • Excellent Special Forces troops with plenty of support assets
  • Unparalleled intelligence gathering apparatus
  • Impressive natural defences
  • Very large
  • Large, trained and motivated population
  • Advanced military production economy


  • Dangerously Authoritarian Democratic government
  • Mandatory Military service
  • Rough terrain allows for lots of hiding places for counter-government forces
  • No heavily armoured/tracked vehicles
  • Small numbers of troops defending a large country - reliance on rapid reaction forces via ground or air


(add some platoons here for use in tiny man games)


  • Main Forces: Canadians from Full Battle Rattle
  • Special Forces: Anything American