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ChargeReal is an alternative real world setting being developed for games of ultramodern wargames to be played in. The core concept is to create a setting to allow a wide variety of situations, forces and settings to be constructed without causing any issues regarding any similarities to the real world.

This entire process is heavily inspired by the StrangeReal, the setting of the Ace Combat series of games.

Core Concepts

  • No superpowers - No one power has managed to achieve superpower status. This means more conflicts are likely to occur (no bully boys to kick everyone around) while also increasing the importance of temporary alliance.
  • No Nuclear Weapons - No nation has access to ICBMs or other thermonuclear devices. This again increases the chances of conflict (there is a reason we are currently living in the longest period of peace).
  • No "Filling off the serial numbers" - No nation in the ChargeReal will be a current real world nation but under a different name. Each one must be constructed from multiple unique concepts.
  • Shades of grey - The world is complicated, rather than simple black and white. The ChargeReal is similarly so. No nation is without it's flaws and bad things happen to good people. However, this is not nihilism - there is still a point to many of the actions and events.

Blog Posts

Major Historical Events

Regions and Nations

  • NW Continent
    • Arcadia - Dangerously Authoritarian Democratic nation, a world leader in technology and Covert Operations.
    • Jefferson - Democratic Republic, currently involved in multiple global interventions while also fighting Goshen extremists.
    • Goshen - Theocratic nation under the protection of the ICN that exports it's extremists worldwide while engaged in a tense standoff with Jefferson and Arcadia
  • Island Chains
    • San Lorma - Controlling several island archipheligos. Massive naval power and guarantor of worldwide sea trade.
    • ?? -
    • Libertalia - "the Pirate Nation"
  • Albion Continent
    • Albion Commonwealth - Formerly an absolute monarchy, recently reformed into a commonwealth of independent states under constitutional monarchy after a cataclysmic civil war
      • Al-Bawaaba - Border Region with the Emirate of Bazistan
    • Unnamed Former Albion Nation - A key heartland of the Kingdom of Albion, now an independent nation
    • Cynerice - A breakaway portion of the former Albion Empire from the Civil War, now a close ally. Currently in border Skirmishes with the Bazi Empire
  • Southern Continent
    • Kingdom of Alaeze - World's oldest nation, involved in peacekeeping worldwide. Highly advanced technology.
    • ?? -
  • Bazistan
    • Bazi Empire
      • Kingdom of Bazistan - The Core of the Bazi Empire, one of the oldest nations in the world. Relatively stable if overly traditional.
      • Emirate of Bazistan - Poorest nation in the Bazi Empire. Ruled by the King's brother. Suffering an ongoing insurgency.
      • Alhuriya - The newest nation in the Bazi Empire, a modern princedom with a ruling council assisting the Prince. High technology, promising for investment.
    • Rettung - Formed by a group fleeing religious persecution in Albion, now the industrial heartland of the Bazistan Region
  • Plains Continent
    • Tsardom of Dazhbog - "Constitutional" Monarchy "strongly allied" to several smaller republics. High tech, professional core. Strong SOF presence split into multiple units.
    • Perun League - Loose collection of nations formerly belonging to the main nation on the Plains Continent.
    • Republic of Shlyuz - Standing between two worlds, this nation protects it's lands with overwhelming aerial firepower
    • Narod - An international powerhouse with massive resources and industrial base. Already eyeing expansion into San Lorma and Dazhbog

Major Forces



  • Bad Day in Al-Khalas - Small PMC force defending against a Republic of Shyluz Infantry Squad - Skirmish Sangin V2
  • Training Day - Albion troops must deal with a criminal element attempting to ambush local forces - Spectre Operations/Skirmish Sangin
  • The Island of Al-Eaziza - Bazi forces must defend an important island against Libertalian pirates attempting to destroy defence and take control of the contents of the vault.
  • Contracting Work - Foreign mercs are hired to kill a Bazi noble as part of a noble feud - Skirmish Sangin V2