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Where there is naval traffic, there are pirates. In the 17th Century, as the empires of the world began to enforce their will on the sea lanes, several of the major pirate leaders formed together to create a confederation. Each leader already controlled several ships but by binding together as a group, they were able to provide a more unified front against national fleets. However, such a confederation would eventually be forced from existing ports, requiring a settling

That confederation seemed to be doomed, until they captured an Albion exploring ship heading back home at full speed. After some persuasion, the explorers revealed the large island chain they had encountered. Thanks to ocean currents, the entire region is at a warm stable temperature, with plenty of grasslands and forests. Thanks to this interception, the Confederation was able to settle the land and keep it's location mostly hidden as a colony was established. This colony then expanded into a full nation, Libertalia.

Since that precarious founding, the nation of Libertalia has grown and thrived, helped in part by the discovery of further mineral and oil deposits in the region. Ruled by a council of Admirals (some of who have lineage back to the original founders), the Admirals run their islands like minor kingdoms, able to enforce their own laws and regulations, although most have agreed to a rough code across the nation. These

Each Admiral will also have a series of Captains that work for them, (TBA


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