Republic of Shlyuz

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A breakway from the Tsardom, the Republic of Shlyuz sits among the mountains between the open plains of it's former rulers and desert Peninsula of Bazistan.


  • Strong technical knowledge and training base to support highly trained and equipped aerial forces.
  • Strong natural defences from the mountainous terrain.
  • Oil and Natural gas.
  • Multiple deposits of Uranium, Rare Earth Minerals and metal ore provide a solid economic base.
  • Mutual Defence agreement with Rettung- strong bond including trade, supply of weapons and cross-training.


  • Small nation surrounded by two regional players.
  • Long and mountainous border can lead to unmonitored cross border activities.
  • Landlocked so all trade must come through either their main ally or Bazistan.
  • Limited arable land - food supplies strongly rely on free flowing trade.


There are three major infantry force organisations in the Republic of Shlyuz's military

Air Mobile Infantry

Air Assault Platoon - fits into two Hip Helicopters with a combat load, usually split across three for greater safety or when carrying supplies for extended operations

Helo 1

  • Command section (minus 2IC)
  • Marksman team
  • 1st Section

Helo 2

  • 2nd Section
  • 3rd Section
  • Platoon 2IC
Air Assault Section
  • Large enough to take casualties while remaining effective
  • Integrated light AT support
  • Able to perform light infantry role

Split into three teams

  • Scout team - Scouts have passed the Scout School and so have received additional training.
   Lead Scout (Cpl) - G36/MP7
   Second Scout (Senior Rifleman) - G36
  • Maneuver Team
   Squad NCO (Sgt) - G36/G3/MP7
   Radio Operator - G36
   AT Rifleman - G36 w/Panzerfaust
   Medical Technician - G3/G36
   Rifleman - G3
   Rifleman - G3
  • Base of Fire Team
   Squad 2IC/Gun Team Leader (Cpl) - G3
   Squad Machine Gunner (Senior Rifleman) - MG3
   Loader - G3
   AT Rifleman - G36 w/PanzerFaust

Motorised Infantry

Motorised Platoon - designed for static defence and truck mounted movement

  • Command Section
  • Support section
  • 3x Rifle Sections
Rifle Section
  • Built on the concept of supporting fire
  • Integrated Light AT
  • Less Modern equipment than the Air Mobile Section

Split into three teams

  • Command Team
   Squad Leader (Sgt) - G3
   Radio Operator (Senior Rifleman) - G3
   Medical Technician - G3
  • Fire team 1
   Fire team Leader (Cpl) - G3
   Machine Gunner (Senior Rifleman) - MG3
   Assistant - G3
   AT Rifleman - G3 w/ Panzerfaust
   Rifleman - G3
  • Fire team 2
   Fire team Leader (Cpl) - G3
   Machine Gunner (Senior Rifleman) - MG3
   Assistant - G3
   AT Rifleman - G3 w/ Panzerfaust
   Rifleman - G3
Support Section
  • Provides additional firepower to the Platoon
  • Compositions varies depending on situation. Available Weapon systems:
    • MG3/PKM (Medium Machine Gun)
    • M2/Dshk (Heavy Machine Gun)
    • Various ATGM models
    • SVD (Designated Marksman)
    • 60mm Light Mortar
  • When in garrison duty in FOBs, Support sections perform local security, allowing more troops on patrol.

Internal Security Platoon

Internal security forces have now yet received all the equipment of the Army. Instead they use a mix of modern items (most commonly camo fatigues) and older Tsarist equipment (body armour and small arms). It is common to see Internal Security forces with a mix of weapons and body armour. A common identifier is the use of black head gear, be it a helmet cover, peaked cap, beret or bandana.

As well as police work, Internal Security forces would act as ambush teams during invasions, using the local environment and a stockpile of weapons to outflank and harass invaders.

They are most commonly mounted in Gaz Tigr armoured vehicles.

Internal Security Platoons are made up of:

  • Command Team
  • 4x Internal Security Section

Internal Security Section
  • Section
   Team Leader (Cpl) - Various
   Team 2IC (Senior Rifleman) - Various
   Operative - Various
   Operative - Various
   Operative - Various
   Operative - Various
   Operative - Various

Each man is equipped based on the situation and available gear. Most commonly with an Assault Rifle (G3, G36 or AK), but support guns are in various arsenals.


  • Main Forces: Combat Octopus Germans
  • Internal Secruity: A mix of Combat Octopus Germans and Russians