Special Activities Teams

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Special Activities Teams are the Albion Army’s main units deployed to reinforce local provincial troops. However, they are not a standing force - instead, they pull from other units inside the army, gathering together motivated and skilled NCOs and Officers to perform extraordinary and unusual tasks.

Their primary role lies in providing force multiplication to the units they are attached to. Each team of 12 will include multiple experts in different fields that may be lacking in a smaller force. The most requested skillset is that of a JTAC (as most provincial forces lack the assets to require training in this) but medical technicians, engineering technicians, ordnance disposal technicians, communications specialists, military intelligence personnel, dedicated sniper-scouts and training personnel all find a role.

Personal equipment varies depending on the choices of the team leader and deployment, as well as what can be scrounged or borrowed. In the case of the 4th in Al-Bawaaba, the senior officer (a member of the Special Logistical Detachment) decided to issue the entire team with equipment more commonly see in the top tier Special Forces units of the Albion Empire, in order to provide cohesion and make them seem more “ally” in the eyes of the local force they are mentoring. This translates to various AR-15 pattern carbines, light machine guns, DMRs and other light infantry weapons. They are also equipped with light body armour and lightweight ballistic helmets, to improve mobility over difficult terrain. On other deployments (especially when working alongside regular Albion Army units), SAT equipment will be closer to standard issue kit, such as the L85 assault rifle and standard kevlar body armour.

Special Activities Teams usually rely on transportation provided by their host province. In Al-Bawaaba, the SAT transport of choice is the armoured Humvee. The 4th Special Activities Team ended up with a single regular armoured Humvees and two Special Purpose Humvees with the additional rear deck to allow for additional troop carrying space as well as using oversized equipment for specialised tasks. These humvees also came with the uparmoured turrets as well as a mix of heavy weapons including a Heavy Machine Guns and a Minigun. In addition, one of the Special Purpose Humvees arrived with a remote weapon station, adding an improved sensor array. However, this vehicle also suffered from reliability issues and so was mostly kept for base security.