FAQ and Disclaimers

What is this website? This is ChargeBlog, a blog focused on providing resources for those wanting to play Ultramodern wargames in 28mm.

Who is in charge of it? Me, Michael Charge. You can find out more on the About page.

I like your painting! Can you do something as a commission for me? Thanks for liking my painting. Sadly I currently have no interest in for anyone else. I’d rather be painting just for me!

How do you make money from this site? I have several adsense blocks scattered around the site and a Ko-Fi page where you can throw a few quid my way if you like my stuff.

You could do a kickstarter/patreon! First of all, not a question. Second, no thanks. I’ve got a job that I really like and don’t really want to set up something where I feel an obligation to produce content. This is my leisure time.

Can I send you something to review? Drop me an email (using the “Contact” link in the header) to discuss it. I ususally prefer to buy anything I cover on the site but if I look at something I was sent I’ll make it clearly visibly that this was the case

Can I send you something to consult on? Again, drop me an email via the link in the header. I can’t comment on the military accuracy of something but if you’re looking for information on the current set of models and games available I’m happy to provide it.

Who do you work for in the wargames industry? No one. This blog is a side project, a way of taking my hobby further and acting a resource for anyone interested in ultramodern wargaming. I am not employed by anyone in the wargaming industry.

Who have you worked with? This is a list of all the companies I have done work with in the wargames industry as a contractor/consultant: