The Great Big Modern Wargaming Rules Comparison Complete Edition

Hi there!

This is Michael Charge, the guy who has been running this blog since it started. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably followed a link to read about a single all-consuming Comparison article about Ultramodern Wargaming. This article has been a bit of a monolith, regularly being my second most visited page on my blog apart from the front cover.

However, there is a problem with this article. It was written back in 2016 (with an update in 2017) – as I’m writing this update, it’s 2023 which means A LOT has changed. We have been gifted with a flurry of new rulesets, updated sets and sadly some sets being impossible to find. The rulesets on that list have either aged gracefully or just been replaced as game design moved on.

Also I’m going to be honest? The article honked – it was written by someone who hadn’t actually been writing very much, about rules I had played very few times and presented in a way designed to be factual but ended up being boring as sin. I’m honestly not a big fan of it as it stands.

With that out the way, let me say something more interesting – It’s going to have a replacement. In 2016 I’d been wargaming for two years, barely knew anyone and wrote the first article in a freezing cold flat in Edinburgh because no one else was covering Ultramodern Wargaming. 7 years later, still no one is covering Ultramodern Wargaming but I feel like I can do better.

It’s going to be at this link (so don’t bin it) but it’s going to be a lot more useful, written by someone who has more of an idea of what the heck he’s doing. It’s probably best to follow the blog on the homepage to know when it happens or follow me on Patreon. This blog has changed a fair bit since those initial posts, now covering weekly news updates as well as the Gunslinger project I’m involved in.

I’ll see you all when I’ve written something worth reading and put it in this spot where it belonged.