Demo Game – Operation Dragon’s Hoard

(This was the page that was linked to via the business cards I gave out at wargames shows while running this game. As such, the wording is designed for new readers to the site)

Hammerhead 2018

Hi! If you’re reading this you’ve probably picked up a card from one of the wargames shows I’ve attended with my demo game. This page is designed to give you all the information on the demo game as well as introducing the rest of the blog

Game Briefing

While flying a routine transport operation between Aden and Abu Dhabi, a C130 Hercules belonging to a civilian contractor (the Argo Corporation) was forced to divert in an attempt to avoid an approaching sandstorm. While off course, contact was lost after the crew reported coming under attack by ground fire.
The contractor was quick to report the loss, citing possible issues if the various militia groups in the region were to secure it. ISAF-AP forces begun attempts to find it but a massive sandstorm in the region forced a delay.
Now the storm has cleared up, intelligence has now found the crash site and spotted movement around it. JSOC has ordered your team to deploy, dropping in close to the target zone and then advancing on foot to maintain stealth. You are operating in Bazi territory without permission – do not stick around. Move in, achieve your objectives, get out.


The ruleset used for this game is Skirmish Sangin by Radio Dishdash. In addition, I’ve used some rules from Plausible Deniability, the Special Operations focused supplement I helped to write for Skirmish Sangin

If you are looking for a copy of it for yourself, the best place to buy is directly from Radio Dishdash. If you want both books, a good way to get them is to grab the bundle at


For the BLUFOR operators, all the models are from Spectre Miniatures, in particular their Task Force Operators and US Rangers collections.

For OPFOR there is a mixture of figures. Most are from Spectre Miniatures, in either their MENA Militia or Insurgent collections. A few figures are from Empress Miniatures, specifically from the Insurgent range.

The Technicals are all from Spectre Miniatures and are mainly Technical Alpha.


Most of the terrain was homemade – I recommend taking a look at the blog posts below for more details.

The plane is a 1:48 Italeri C-130J which was assembled and then chopped into pieces

The buildings are from Red Vector

Other Stuff

To help with play, the character sheets are on custom trump cards bought from Personalised Playing Cards (

Skirmish Sangin is a D100 based system so you will need lots of D10s in different colours.

Skirmish Sangin also uses counters for stances and morale. The plastic ones I used were from Radio Dishdash (as part of the Day of the Rangers kickstarter). However, there are templates in the back of the rulebook could be used to commission some from other manufacturers.

Blog Posts

I’ve written a few blog posts all about the process of building the board. These posts show the process from initial idea up to the reports from each of the events.

Part 1 – The Concept

Part 2 – Further Planning and Physical Things

Part 3 – Building Boards and Buying Planes

Part 4 – Final Approach

Part 5 – 100 Years of War, Falkirk

Part 6 – Fiasco 2017, Leeds

Part 7 – Vapnartak 2018, York

Part 8 – March Update

Part 9 – Hammerhead 2018, Newark / Post Mortem

Bazistan? Where is that?

Bazistan is my imagi-nation. In an alternative world, it occupies the land that makes up Yemen and part of Saudi Arabia. A rival to their bigger brother to the north, Bazistan is a hotspot of military activity. For more details, check this page.

Who Is Writing This?

Hi! The guy writing this is Michael Charge. I was probably the guy who was running the game and/or looking incredibly worried about it. I’m a games designer based in the UK who really likes wargaming.

The tall guy is Peeb. If you want to see what he is up to wargaming wise, his page is at

What’s This Blog?

This is my personal hobby blog. I’m particularly interested in wargaming the modern-day in 28mm and play all sorts of rules focused on this period.

To help support that, I write a load of posts ranging from impressions of models to tactics articles.

Every week (except for when I take a holiday) sees two posts

  • Monday: Wargaming Week – a quick update to show off WIP stuff
  • Friday: Something for the Weekend – a feature post, either looking at figures or writing up some other posts.

The blog is entirely a hobby – everything you read about was bought by me and I don’t currently accept free items from model manufacturers.

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