Adventures in Bazistan

Every time I run a game, I like to tie it into my imagi-nation of Bazistan, using it as the setting or referring to elements in it. I’ve also started arranging them into different strands to give some semblance of a timeline.

The Breakdown

The breakdown is a series of missions set to help establish the setting and get the setting on its way towards the flash point. Most of these missions will be Special Operation missions with the occasional arrival of major forces depending on the situation.

  1. Arabian Night
  2. Hostage Negotiations
  3. Policing in Bazistan
  4. Modern Day Banditary
  5. ???
  6. ???

The Intervention

This strand takes place after “The Incident” the flash point that sets off an intervention into Bazistan itself by outside powers. These missions will be more conventional forces, with ISAF AP clashing against the armed forces of Bazistan and the various militias.

  1. Bird Down in the Desert
  2. ??
  3. ??
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Break on Through
  6. Sweep and Clear


The CGS strand is a story based strand following the adventures of Commando Global Solutions. Every four missions are equivalent to a pair of TV Episodes (think Strike Back) and containing an arc of the story. The CGS strand starts during The Breakdown

  1. Marketplace Mayhem
  2. 2 Hours Earlier
  3. From the Frying Pan
  4. Into the Fire
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. Dawn Raid


These events are set long before the CGS strand, covering events that specifically caused the arrival of Commando Global Solutions into the peninsula

  1. Thieves in the Night
  3. ???