Wargaming Week 14/01/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of January.


First up, I got a battle in on Thursday! As you can see on the post, it was an interesting game, both to organise and play. I’m looking forward to getting some more in!

Also exciting was seeing that I’ve been playing Skirmish Sangin for 4 years this week. You can tell how much I like it by the fact it’s still my go to. I’m also seeing all the photos of my first painted models which are :|.


Interesting news from Warbanner this week. They and Special Artisan Service Miniatures have partnered up to help bring SASM to the UK and the EU and make it easier for our American cousins to get their hand on Footsore and Warbanner. Warbanner also has a very good relationship with Sarissa, which could mean great news for anyone looking for more modern terrain.

I’m not going to add my own comment to this news – but I wish everyone involved the best in this endeavour.

New release wise, Spectre has popped up with another IFV. Perfect for backing up your Russian SF or as aid to your local regime, this upgrade to the BTR should be a pretty major threat on the battlefield while still carrying a squad of guys to grab the objectives.


Nothing! The BTR82A is very tempting but I think I want to clear off my lead pile a little bit (and maybe finally get round to selling the stuff


This week was a lot of little things. My original plan was to get this all done for Thursday but as part of my new plan for 2019, I decided to slow it down, take my time and get them right. As I mention in the battle report, some scatter would have really helped to break up the sight lines. Well,

The other stage was breaking out the rattle cans and getting the Sarrisa North African buildings undercoated. I covered them in some previous posts. But now I get to add some details, to get them ready for the table. More details coming soon.

Humvee Number 4 has been assembled! For this one, I decided I needed another less well-equipped Humvee for the local forces. So rather than antennas, I decided to use good old stowage. There will be a full post coming but most of it is from the Empress pack.

Finally, I assembled some WW2 figures. There will be a full post on these guys in a week or two once I nail down the concept for the platoon. But for now, a teaser as to what they are.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 07/01/2019

And we are back in 2019! Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the Christmas Break!


First up in terms of posts was the second part of my fantasy game project! With two new sprues to look at, I managed to create a few more heroes ready for painting from the crewman and female soldier sprues. Now I just need to get to painting them…

But that wasn’t all for posts! I managed to get a game of Chain of Command in against my usual wargaming buddy Peeb’s Gaming Nonsense. Clashing over a compound in the desert using his Western Desert forces, we had a really good time! And you might be seeing more Chain of Command soon!

Looking ahead, I do also have some thoughts on my Killteam Day that I should write up at some point. Also this week I should be running a game so keep an eye out for a battle report on Friday, as well as other posts if I get anything extra painted and ready for it.


Of course, just because I took a break didn’t mean everyone else did. So there was a bit of news waiting for me when I got back to my blog writing desk.

Black Site Studios, who will be sharing a stand with Spectre Miniatures at Adepticon, have shown off some previews for next year which is quite exciting. As someone who has been playing a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm, that second building could be very interesting to fight through.

Spectre Miniatures came in with a triple threat of new things. First up, and probably the biggest news, they have announced V2 of Spectre Operations coming this year. I’ve actually had a few opportunities to play with the WIP changes and they really help to polish off the sticking points I have had with the rules, especially with vehicles and larger games. The new additions will also help to extend the game with some new features.

Next up was the arrival of the Chinese in Spectre’s range. The first of two releases is the Assault Team. These guys are equipped in a similar way to many Western SF units and carry a modular rifle system complete with all the usual toys you would expect. Much like many of the other squad packs Spectre has released, this pack includes figures suitable for some other roles, such as a marksman, grenadier and an SMG to assist with stealthy eliminations.

The second SF team is a bit more of a specific role. Named as Jungle Squad, these guys are ideal for fighting through the dense rainforests around Chinese interests in some part of Africa. As well as bullpup rifles, there are also some truly unique weapons such as a M79 clone, a crossbow and, perhaps most worrying, a flamethrower. There are also some neat touches on the models themselves, such as the gaiters around the boots, to really make them ideal for their role.

Table Top Tactical Simulations continue to add releases to their range – this now includes US gunner figures matching their Army range and ideal for their trucks.

Tiny Terrain, fresh off their Kickstarters, has shown off something new coming next year. They are working on a 1:50 scale T62 – ideal for a whole host of conflicts. I’m really looking forward to it so expect news when it’s available for purchase!

So this popped up on the Modern Miniatures group. After doing some digging, this description came up:

 in Fire Team Echo1, players take on the roles of an elite force similar to Seal Team Six. Game play is scenario based and extremely deadly. If a downed PC isn’t stabilized before the end of the mission he’s KIA… and combat skill don’t carryover to the new recruits.

each player takes on a role. The enemy is ran by the games tactics. The game can also be played solo as well.

This seems like a really interesting idea for a game, especially for someone who prefers the more RPG esque systems. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Finally some great news from Full Battle Rattle about their LAV-3 which went up for pre-order last year. Trenchworx has finished their first master and (aside from a few tweaks) are heading to production. Good news, we might see Canadains in Bazistan sooner than originally planned.


It was Christmas! So I got a few presents. Sadly the Broken Toad brushes I asked for were unavailable meaning the only gift from family I got related to wargaming is Leigh Neville’s new book. I have been eagerly awaiting it since it came out and I’m looking forward to sitting down with it properly. And then remembering all those little birds I need to finish getting ready for the tabletop.

And then there is this Christmas present that my long time wargaming buddy/opponent bought for me. Just a reminder – do not talk to your buddies about future projects you MIGHT be interested in doing in the future at some point even though you have a literal pile of other models to paint. Because they will remember.

But seriously, I am incredibly excited to sit down and build this. The Churchill is my favourite tank and there is something exciting about making one and then detailing it.

Of course, you can’t just have a single tank – it needs some infantry support. So I went to the Warlord games site and picked up… some things. I’ll be writing up a blog post at some point with more details on what I’m planning to do. Here is a hint – I’m watching Fury to get a feel for the tone of the platoon. There is going to be a lot of conversion work.

Finally, I picked up Spectre’s new Chinese SF Assault Squad. These are going to be a fun team to use on the tabletop and I’m a big fan of the poses. I haven’t picked up the Jungle team – I’m not quite ready to jump across the Red Sea to Zaiweibo yet and want to do a clean out before I reach that point.


Just before I left for my holiday break we had a big old Back of Beyond fight down at the Wargames club. As you might expect, it was a ridiculous 8 player bloodbath. Pictured above is the White Russian commander counting their pile of loot.

For more details, go take a look at SESWC’s summary, including links to the other participants.

I painted some Space Marines! My Deathwatch Killteam has been sat unpainted for a while and I have the silly idea of speed painting them in time for the Killteam day my friends were running over Christmas. And then I started painting and realised that I actually wanted to take my time with them. So I painted the base, skin and arms and marked them as ready.

They were not ready. They did… not well. More details when I write up the post.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week! And Happy New Year!

Wargaming Week 17/12/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 10th through to the 16th of December.


Surprise, I’m back! Last week I took a look at the Ember team guys from Spectre Miniatures. I really like these guys and I really hope we’re going to see more figures from this partnership with Echelon Software.

And just as I get back, I immediately go away again for my Christmas break. There will be a new Wargaming Week on the 7th of January but I might try and drop a few things during the break. For example, I think the last figures for my fantasy project should be arriving today so I can at least get them glued together.


Empress has revealed their plans for the next year. As well as showing off some late war British figures (which are really making me think about building a force for crossing the Rhine) they also mention some of the other ranges they will be adding to. For Ultramoderns, I am very excited about the prospect of some Kurdish Freedom Fighters. With so much variation, it will be exciting to see what they are equipped with.

I seem to have missed these but Miniature Building Authority has some cool weapon caches. These would be ideal for objective markers or setting the scene. I’m really tempted by them.


Now owning a BMP 1, it is only a matter of time before it takes a hit, spews smoke and sends the crew running for cover. So, I needed some crew! I ordered some of the Chechnya War AFV crew from Empress and they arrived super quickly. These guys might be a little overdressed for operating in the desert but they should do for now.


I finally finished Ember team. Turns a month and a bit off from painting the models means you’re a bit slower when you come back. On the other hand, not rushing to get these guys done means I had a lot more fun painting them.

I’ve also started to look forward at what I’ll be doing next. There are a few forces I should look at (including that platoon of Brits that’s hanging over me) but I really like the latest undercover operator. I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch and I think I’ll be taking some inspiration for her based on one of my favourite characters who is also from the MENA region.

Kind of related to wargaming, but I’ve been playing a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm. This game is one of my favourites at the moment, perfectly blending high-speed shooting play with the requirements of a tactical game (and customisation that lets me dress up in some really good looking Tigerstripe). But more importantly, it has a really nice variety of environments. I’ve been taking a look at them, capturing screens shots ready for the next stage of painting up B-Town. I’m going to try to pull out some of the graffiti just to put it on the Sarissa buildings I have.

The gameplay is also an interesting idea that could lead to a simple participation game, letting players drop in and out while working through a map. Now, I just have to build a load of structures to push through.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week year!

Wargaming Week 10/12/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 9th of December.


Oh look, blog stuff is back.

Okay, after my lovely time away I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog. As much as I have loved writing a feature post every week, it’s safe to say it’s knackered me out. So I’m going to change how I’ll be running posts.

Monday posts are remaining the same. It gives me a good place to check in and update how I’m doing. I also know a few people who don’t use Facebook read this and so it’s handy to pass on new releases and such. Also, I like writing them.

Instead of a feature post every week, you’ll be getting a bit of writing every time I finish something. So what this means practically is that some weeks all you get is the Monday news update while others you might get a pile of posts to read. They will still be going up at the same time (12pm GMT) to make sure you get something ready to read on your lunch break or first thing in the morning depending on where you are.

This is not me giving up on the blog – far from it! What it is is a re-arrangement – this isn’t my job and if I treat it like such I’m going to grow to dislike it. It also means I get some more time to do other projects than riding the painting train to hell – including writing more scenarios and rules! I’ve already been testing a rules tweaks so maybe you’ll hear about them soon.


Honestly, no real news, we’re getting close to Christmas so it’s to be expected. A minor point for anyone stateside is that Spectre Miniatures has announced they will be going to Adepticon next year, sharing a stand with Black Site Studio.


Some black spray paint. It’s all go around here.

EDIT: Okay, false here. I actually (after setting this to be scheduled) went and picked up a sprue of the new Frostgrave female soldiers and a spure of the Ghost Archipelago crewmen (and bases) so I can finish off assembling figures for my fantasy project.


Not much movement on the hobby front this week unfortunately – it’s been a week filled mostly with video games thanks to a few key releases coming out. However, there was a little bit of progress on the BPRE operators, mainly neatening up some of the colours and getting the detailing in place. Fingers crossed, you’ll see these guys finished this week.

In other news, my latest order arrived. I’ve already got to work basing the new figures. I’m going to plan out a few ways to base the walls and brick piles, ideally to create interesting features rather than just gently placing them on the tabletop.

And also there is the small matter of building another Humvee…

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 03/12/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 26th of November through to the 2nd of December.


Under Fire Miniatures has updated its Cold War US Army infantry range. As well as adding a new release (the Dragon ATGM team), they have also been rebalanced. This mean the packs are a little easier to choose when trying to build you force, splitting the riflemen from the support weapons.

If you want some of your own, you can find them on the Under Miniatures site .

Image from Spectre Miniatures

This week also saw a small but exciting release from Spectre Miniatures. The first figure is the undercover operative you see above. Dressed in civilian clothing ideal for the MENA region and with a suppressed pistol, she is perfect for more covert missions. I’m also a big fan of her sculpt, and can’t wait to get her painted.

The other release was designed to give the FSB team some backup. Deciding that .50cal rifles were not enough of an advantage, this new killteam operator arrives in full heavy body armour. Although not quite as covert, it won’t matter when he is kicking in the door.


Image from Spectre Miniatures

Okay, I may have done a big Spectre purchase. As well as the two new figures (which I’m very excited about getting on the table) I also decided to pick up a few things

  • HMV 4 – This is going to be another blank Humvee, probably with some stowage applied but not much else. This will give me a pair of vehicles ready for use in various countries, as well as two additional high-tech vehicles for special forces use.
  • DSHK and gunner – An upcoming scenario I have planned is going to see some of Bazistan’s SF rolling around in a Humvee. So I’ve picked up a suitable gunner and another DSHK to add to the ring mount.
  • Scatter terrain – Spectre released a pile of scatter terrain that I hadn’t picked up, such as the walls you can see in the picture above. I really want to start improving my picture and tables and this terrain should be a great addition.


We have action on the painting bench. After a nice break away, I finally broke out the paint and got to work on Ember team from Spectre. I managed to get the basic colours sort, so maybe there will be a post on Friday with some more details on them!


That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 26/11/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 19th through to the 25th of November.


The Ultracombat Kickstarter has now concluded. It managed to hit it’s minimum goal, as well as storming up the stretch goals list to add a few additional teams to both sides such as HQ units, weapon teams and two other fire teams full of additional poses. Now we just have to wait for it all!

Spectre also had a big week. ALong with a Black Friday sale, they also released the first figures from their co-operation with Echelon Software, the company behind Black Powder Red Earth.

These figures are Ember Team, a set of operators from the latest series. Despite wearing civilian clothing these are some pretty high tech operators with all sorts of tech and high speed, low drag gear. I’ll have more thoughts on them once they arrive.


Surprise, I bought Ember team. I really like the posing and style to them, they should look perfect for the middle of a fire fight. I’m really hoping to get them painted up quickly once they arrives


This week has been busy with real world family things so I’ve been away from my desk with no time for any hobby work.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 19/11/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 11th through to the 18th of Novemeber.


Oh boy is this a big one. The long-awaited French from Empress have been finally released. These guys continue their Ultramodern releases, seeing as they are not wielding the trusty FAMAS but instead various items from H&K’s catalogue, the 416 and the 417 specifically. There is a nice variety of poses in the packs, as well as plenty of grenade launchers.

The release includes four packs of infantrymen, a three-man AT missile pack and a set of heads with NVGs. I quite like this range, both for using as modern French but also for generic 416 armed troops if you swap the heads for US Army or Marine Corp


None, still working on my backlog. I was very tempted with the new French but I’ve decided to wait until Vapa in the new year. Maybe the feeling of the nations I haven’t finished yet (like the USMC and the Rangers and the British) were weighing on my mind.


I finally assembled something! And then threw some paint on it. The BMP1, which has been sat on my desk for a while, is now assembled and base sprayed. I was planning to get it finished off this week and get the write up done but there have been some personal things that mean I’ll be away from my desk for a bit.

I’m also going to get the Dshk turret for the Humvee finished and then this pair will be ready for my next game.

Although speaking of my desk, here is just a glimpse of it. I managed to get a few new things on bases, including the special edition Texas sheriff that Spectre released. He is only made of resin so fingers crossed he doesn’t get knocked over too often

I’ve also decided that my Christmas project (when I’m back down in Leeds) is going to be getting my Fantasy adventurers painted up. You can see them in the back of the shot and it’s been a while since I finished assembling them. However, I am already thinking about picking up a frame of the new female adventuruers when they are released and getting everything painted up in one go.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 12/11/2018

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 5th through to the 11th of November.


The Ultracombat Kickstarter continues. At the time of the writing, we’re sitting well funded and with two stretch goals down. Usefully, the team at Radio Dishdash has released this handy comparison image. The image shows the relative height of the new Russian figures in the kickstarter compared to Empress US Infantry, Tiny Terrain Chechen, Radio Dishdash Taliban and Eureka US Marines. This type of image is always useful and I think the new figures look like they should work well alongside most other manufacturers.

The kickstarter can be found here

Alas, by the time you read this, the smart looking gentleman above will no longer be for sale. However, Spectre have released a special edition figure to celebrate their trip to Texas for Millennium Con. For those of us not at the show, he was on the store from Friday until Sunday.


Well I just had to grab the Spectre exclusive. I’m not planning on doing anything cartel focused but I love the sculpting on this guy. I can see him ending up as some eccentric figure in Bazistan. I also picked up a few extra RWS systems, including the light setup ready for mounting on technicals.


This week’s hobby time was mostly eaten up by me going away to do one of my interests. Yep, I headed down to York to run around airsofting after around a 6 month break. Despite my problem child of a primary refusing to play ball, I had a really good time. Although that weekend has meant I’m not thinking of playing around with what BB throwing systems I use.

However, there has been a little progress. I’ve started writing the next scenario I’m planning to run down the club. I don’t want to spoil it just yet but it’s going to be a change from the usual Insurgents vs BLUFOR scrap. Expect to see the BMP1 out and about

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!