Wargaming Week 13/07/2020

Another week, another update.

Managed to get some time aside to start painting four more US Marines. I was going to try and get more done this weekend but it was one of those weekends where the motivation dives into the toilet.


Flytrap Factory are working on some cool 3D models of SIG assault rifles that might be part of a possible new range from them. Flytrap has done some cool modern figures in the past as tests for possible clients (in a scale that matches other modern brands) so seeing what they might come up with is rather exciting.


So not strictly hobby but I managed to watch the Outpost this week thanks to some VPN shenanigans. Seeing as it’s based on the same events as one of my favourite books (Red Platoon), it’s very interesting to see them from a different point of view. Overall, I think it’s a rather well done film – they merge some facts together, tweak a few details but it’s mostly on track. As for the film itself, the script isn’t the best but it’s serviceable and, more importantly, the action is what really ties it all together.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

SITREP: US Marines Fireteam 3 Pt. 1

A very WIP in post – this was the work from my Twitch stream on Wedneday night – fixing up the base colours, getting some details on and the first stage of the camo. It was a nice chill time painting and chatting, especially as I got to talk about some of my rules writing plans.

I’m aiming to finish these guys off later this week, so expect another SITREP then!

Wargaming Week 06/07/2020

Time for a new update! Not much in hobby news so today is mostly a news post.


Empress are continuing their work to bring all the HLBS vehicles in house. This week sees two interesting vehicles for the Brits – the Warthog and Viking. These AFVs are perfect for fighting in Afghanistan, as well as any kind of amphibious operation you might want to try them in.

Empress has also been working on some new ranges – the previously mentioned BAOR release has now been preivewed. They look pretty good – I can definitely see people picking them up for the Cold War/Falklands era (as Empress is planning Russian Paratrooper and Argentinean ranges). They also look a good fit to go against the figures from Under Fire Miniatures (such as their Soviets and East Germans).

Finally from Empress – the PBR boat is now in stock. So if you’re wanting some Vietnam shenanigans, this is a great place to start.

White Dragon Miniatures are one step closer to releasing their upcoming Mastiff MRAP model. As you can see, it’s now been painted up and had the bar armour mounted. I think it’s looking rather cool and I honestly can’t wait for their release.

Finally, Skirmish Sangin lives! After the death of the forum, Skirmish Sangin related talk has now moved to this group on Facebook. It’s slowly coming back into action and also includes mention of a Version 2 of Skirmish Sangin. I’m very interested in seeing how this come about – even from the teases so far it looks like a slightly slimmer/faster game without losing that detail that I particularly liked. More details coming soon.


No updates on hobby news today – work consumed most of my time last week while any free time was spent either playing Modern Warfare or (more importantly) fixing this website and giving it a good clean. About 10GB of unused files were clogging up my hosting, as well as several broken posts. However, all this should now be fixed!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week – 29/06/2020

Hi all – this is not a proper wargaming week. Due to a few issues with the site, I ended up spending my blogging time trying to fix some legacy issues (such as missing images which seem to have evaporated). Work is on-going so you may see some odd behaviour on the site. Effectively there is going to be a long-overdue overhaul so the site might change it’s look as I investigate any possible new themes.

But more on topic, I’m setting up a tiny skirmish game to try out my own rules (once I finish writing them). Using the new Geek Villian mat and my downed C130, I think this could be a fun little skirmish between two groups of Special Forces operators.

Also, the danger of spending all day working at the same desk I paint at is that it’s covered in things to distract while I watch code build. Combining turrets is always fun so I ended up doing this. Maybe I need a second Gage Commando where I widen the turret ring to fit the Humvee turrets OR I should assemble some kind of adapter. Either way, I thought this looked cool

SITREP: Dark Eldar Archon

Warhammer 40,000 is one of those worlds and settings I really love. However, being a lore fan, I find the dissonance between the actual game and the lore to be so much that I’ve never really got into collecting a full sized army. However, collecting the occasional model has always been fun – for all of Games Workshop’s fault, they do on occasion make some rather fantastic models. For this reason, I’ve bought a fair few, normally then tweaking them to look cool rather than technically useful for the tabletop.

I have a soft spot for the Dark Eldar, the piratical murderous elves that live in their city in the webway. They appear in the fiction as everything from “the terror in the night” to “moustache-twirling villain”. So as things happen, you start thinking up ideas and then suddenly Mi’kael Drakonis, Archon of the Ascending Spear was born.

The Archon available from GW, while cool, is a little limited – a shame seeing as in the lore, Dark Eldar leaders seem to have a huge variety in their exact gear and appearance (hard not to when you raid and pillage everyone else). Out of the Dark Eldar, I really love the Incubi – the totally not Aspect Warriors that act as the best bodyguard for an Archon to hire if they want to stay alive. In my concept, I decided to use the Incubi model (with their cool armour, trophy racks and brutal klaive) for my Archon, seeing him as a former Incubus returned home to rule his family’s Kabal. But no mere troop model would be suitable – Drazhar (a special character) seem much more appropriate, with a dynamic pose atop Eldar ruins.

In terms of tweaks, I got to work. The first part was removing the chain of soulstones around Drazhar’s neck. I think they look a little much, almost too much detail. This just meant I had to trim the chain away, leaking the shoulder pieces with less support. I also replaced his head with one from the Kabalite box (you need the bare head to show he’s a leader). Finally from the front, I removed the blade in his right hand and turned it into a pointing gesture. This makes him look more commander-y (if we obey the Games Workshop rules) while also being perfect for claiming that a rival’s soul is yours. In terms of assembling it, the finger is actually just an offcut of plastic I found while working on some models. I could have attempted to green stuff it, but this method was much faster and will look fine once painted up

Moving to the back, you see two tweaks. The most obviously is the sword. After trimming it down to only one sword, the model… lacked something. However, one of my writing buddies while talking about Dark Eldar came up with this alternative setup for a double klaive. It may look a little over the top but the idea of it being a weapon that is dangerous to use sounds Dark Eldar as heck. It also gives the model a little weight – the Archon has swung his blade and is now calling out his next target.

The other part is the cape. I was going to green stuff this, but then realised that Anvil Industry has plenty of glorious capes to use. To attach it, I trimmed off the pair of trophies at the bottom and then glues the dynamic cape into place. I need to do a touch more greenstuff to blend the edges but I’m happy with it.

So that’s the first update on the Dark Eldar project. I’m really happy with how he looks, a glorious leader that would be a nice centre point of a small Dark Eldar collection (currently made up of Incubi, Kabalites and Scourges

Next step (after finishing the green stuff) will be to get it undercoated. And as a first, I’m painting these Dark Eldar in pale colours, so I’ll be using a white basecoat. This is uncharted territory for me, so I’m a little nervous about it. But we shall see!

Wargaming Week 22/06/2020

Another week in Lockdown, time for a new update!

Two more SITREPs this week, and I have another in-progress covering my Dark Eldar character. More details coming soon also for the Enforcers (who I’ve also slowly been working on).


Lots of new releases from Knights of Dice down under – 15 new kits. However, the ones I’m most excited about are the two new compounds they previewed over the past few weeks and their new doors pack. I’m really excited about the doors – they were an element I was dreading having to make so having an easy to purchase kit makes it all easier. I’m also very tempted by those compounds – I know I know I have a lot to finish but both of those kits seem ideal for some CQB gameplay.

The White Dragon Mastiff draws nearer! DwArtist is working on it and as you can see, it’s looking like a beauty. Definitely going to be picking one of these up.


An order from Empress arrived last week. First up, the charity Medic figure from the WW2 range. As well as wanting to support a good cause, she seems perfect for my British Chain of Command (acting as a marker for the Medical Orderly). I’m definitely going to be getting some paint on her soon.

The other part was a little experiment. I’m going to write a full SITREP on these guys when I get to it but I’m looking for some alternative models to play the Aden Defence Force in my Bazistan games. As much as I like the Eureka British, I really want something that will stand out when put next to the rest of my British collection. So for this reason, I decided to see if the Empress French would be a good fit. I’ve got some more work to do on them so watch this space.

Finally, after a long long lockdown delay, my battlemats from Geek Villain and Tiny Terrain have arrived. SO far, I’m really impressed with them, but I want to try and get a game in using both these mats and my deep cut one before a write a mat-off. However, very happy with the quality on them and the two free figures from Tiny Terrain was a nice touch!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week! See you on Wednesday for more streaming!

SITREP: Gage Commando (Part 2)

So a quick update on the Gage Commando – after the first post went up, I decided to add a few little tweaks to it.

  • Smoke launchers: pulled from the Spectre accessories kit, these two mounted on the turret seemed pretty much perfect for an internal security vehicle. Possibly launching other types of grenade if needed.
  • Aerial: taken from the Tigr kit from Empress, the aerial seemed sturdy enough for my purposes and is just a neat additional touch.
  • Fuel tank. Just to break up the lines I added a jerry can on the side. The aim with this vehicle is not to make it loaded down/designed for long-distance work. Most of its operations will be on-road or in suburban areas, so much of it’s kit is just not needed. I also wanted to reduce how much equipment could be torn off the side of it, if it ended up in a civil disobedience situation.

With these stowage options added, I think the vehicle is ready for the basecoat. It will then get a pure tan base colour, before I go to work on the details.

SITREP: Version 2 Contractor

This week’s stream work, finishing off the Spectre Contractor that came with the Version 2 rulebook pre-order. This is a cool looking model, using a suppressed Glock with a modernised FAL slung across his front. I’ve got a weak spot for the Baseball Cap/Comtacs look, especially as figures using that look can often end up being used for a whole selection of forces.

Now you may notice, I clipped the optic off the top of the Glock. This is really a personal touch – I prefer my pistol optics low profile (and not needing the full bridge over the top).

Painting wise, I originally had this planned for multicam trousers, tan jacket. However, after thinking it through and deciding tan for webbing, I realised the jacket and webbing would just merge together. So instead, I changed to a darker colour top. I really like the overall effect of this, giving them a very different look from the tan figures I’ve been painting recently.