Wargaming Week 20/01/2020

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 13th through to the 19th of January.

Blog Stuff

I got back to my fantasy project! Really happy with the response to the first post -this has been a side project I’ve been working on during my downtime last year. I’m really excited about actually getting the figures on the table – both for the gameplay but also just because they are some lovely models!

I’m also really excited as I’m playing around with a setting I’ve worked on with a really good friend of mine. She’s been cranking out maps of the various countries alongside our world building and I can’t wait to show them off!


Speaking of fantasy, here is a nice upcoming release from my local MDF wizard, Supreme Littleness Designs. He’s making some modular Frozen City ruins, perfect for any skirmish game where you want some verticality. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on 4 Ground for when they are released.

Next up, Black Site Studios showing off a pile of scenery perfect of some fantasy skirmish gaming. I’m a big fan of their stuff, and this bundle seems perfect for making a board suitably dense for that style of game. Definitely something I’ll be thinking about soon.

And just to prove I haven’t been lost to swinging swords, Tabletop Tactical Simulations is back with another truck kickstarter! This time, they are bringing a range of Ural trucks to the tabletop, perfect for any number of theatres as long as you paint them right. I’m usually put off by the fact it’s 1/56 but I have to admit, I’m kind of tempted to give them a look and see how well it works.




More painting, all thanks to my 15 minutes+ a day. It’s really good for just getting small stuff finished. For example, these two turrets – sat on my desk for literally months while getting the energy to paint the camo on the gunners. However, I managed to get them cleaned up and good to go. These are both for the Bazi forces, something to make their Humvee’s pop out among the legion of US vehicles. Additionally, I don’t fancy coming up against either of them in a dark alley!

Speaking of not fancy fighting them, the other two things finished this week was my second LTV and the monstrous Land Warfare RWS with its 30mm cannon, ATGM and coax medium machine gun. I really like this kit, and having two of them means I can deploy a full 8 man patrol under protective cover. Next stop, convoy.

Finally (inspired by my Christmas game of Chain of Command), I started playing around with a test figure for my own Empress British. I only managed to get the base colours on, but it looks the right tone. I’m looking forward to only having to do a single piece of camo gear, as opposed to a whole figure. Fingers crossed I’ll finish this guy off this week.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 13/01/2020

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 6th through to the 12th of January.


Spectre has awoken from it’s Christmas break with a pile of new updates and releases. First up, previews looking forward. We’ve already seen these heads before but now we finally get to see them all armed up. It’s an interesting set of gear – the foreground figure is armed with a Galil assault rifle while one of those in the background seems to be using a short machine gun. I’m going to be interested in seeing what range these guys are part of, but they should be an interesting addition to the collection.

Ah, time for the return of an old friend. Technical Charlie was the first vehicle Spectre worked on, as you might have seen back in the original Kickstarter as the PMC Technical. Up until this week, the only way to get your hands on this chassis was to go hunting on eBay and pay silly prices. However, Spectre have decided to bring this vehicle back, giving you another pick-up truck to add to your forces. They are currently on pre-order and should be arriving late February.

The only thing missing from this release is the PMC gunner with PKM sat on the back. Fingers crossed we’ll see this guy return to action.

Finally, Spectre has also added a new starter set to the website, giving you a simple and easy way to get in Spectre Operations. The pack, as well as the Version 2 rulebook, includes two 7 man squads of Elite Operators (Russians and Task Force Operators). Now, the weapons given to them are… interesting? They definitely give you a nice mix of equipment choices (and would be great fun to paint) although maybe not exactly the pieces I would have chosen for a beginners pack. The pack is available for a limited time but fingers crossed the idea of a starter kit will be maintained.


My Mum and Dad were planning on buying me a Citadel Painting handle as a surprise Christmas present. However, it went missing in the Christmas Post and so didn’t arrive in time. However, they instead decided to purchase another hobby tool I’ve wanted for a while – an Army Painter Wet Palette. This is mainly to stop me from wasting paint, as well as to replace the horrible piece of plastic I’ve been using. In addition, to bring up the order to get free postage, I added one of the TargetLock Laser Line devices. More details once they arrive.


My “15 minutes of painting a day” continued (only missing Sunday) and I managed to get a few more figures done. One more fantasy figure, two Spectre operators that have been on my to-do pile for ages and the Spectre Adviser figure. Painting every day has been fun and it’s nice to get stuff actually finished.

Unrelated, that photo above is awful but it is much as I have. Hopefully some lights I have ordered should improve it

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week – Christmas!

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the Christmas Break!

Blog Stuff

In a shocking turn of events, I actually got two blog articles done! And posted! I guess most of you have read them.

Before Christmas, I managed to get my impressions on the Sarissa Walled Compound finished. These kits have some great potential, and I can’t wait to get them onto the board.

I also managed to get up my battle report from Christmas’s game of Chain of Command. As always, I love playing it and this quick game has lit the fire under my backside to get around to painting up my own platoon.

and maybe a few tanks.


Not much news as everyone was on their Christmas break, but Empress popped up out of nowhere with a release just around New Years. Their USMC Recon Pack is one I’ve been looking forward to since it was previewed – I love this style of figure, laden down with kit. This pack is full of wonderful details and weapon choices. I’m not currently playing Vietnam BUT this is definitely a pack that could be a great start for some long-range recce games in the light green.


With it being Christmas, I got a few things hobby related things as presents. I usually end up buying myself models and paints when I need them (and but mostly when I want them) but reference books I go mad for them. This year, I was lucky to get two art books from games – Modern Warfare and Breakpoint. Although I think Breakpoint is a not particularly good game, the design work on it is packed full of possible inspiration. Modern Warfare, on the other hand, is a game I love and being able to see more about it – both artistic inspiration but also the development process. The final book, Leigh Neville’s Infantry Small Arms is just to keep me up to date with goings-on, as well as all the details.

In terms of purchases, I picked up a few things from Empress – the Middle Eastern Civilians and the new USMC Recce team. Both of these are sets of figures I’ve been excited about for a little bit, so I’ll be dropping some of my birthday money on them. I also grabbed some of the old Dark Elf Shades for my fantasy games. There will be more lore on how I’ll be using them soon, but they should be a fun set to paint up before springing them on unsuspecting players.


At the start of my break, I did nip back into work to pick up a few parcels, including some new arrivals from Spectre! As well as the new guys I picked up, I also got a lucky box! And first piece out was the cartel LAW figure that is as of yet unreleased. I also got a few other Kickstarter exclusives and some mainline figures (including the crouching Ranger).

But of course, the big thing over the holidays was beginning my 15 minutes of painting a day. This is my plan to keep on being productive with my painting pile this year but its also a great bit of relaxation. To begin with, I started taking a look at my fantasy project. Since December 23rd, I managed to get 12 figures finished. And frankly, I enjoyed getting everyone painted. When I have a few more ready, I’ll collate all my lore notes on them together and write up something for them.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 16/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 9th through to the 15th of December.

Blog Stuff

I am partway through writing up my initial impressions of the Ambassador’s Compound I showed off last week, mostly trying to get into details so everyone reading can know how best to pick it up and expand it. It’s a really cool set and I really want to get into detail on just what you can do with it. Also, I was busy packing up for Christmas Break that started this week. But it will be done soon!


First up, Empress dropped 4 separate releases on us this week in their Ultramodern Civilian range. Now, being an idiot who read the news while on his morning off, I didn’t notice that these new packs have a new ID code on them “MIDCIV”. On closer inspection, these four packs are actually designed for use in the Middle East, as opposed to Afghanistan. There are some key designs to them that make them stand out but I think it’s safe to say they could possibly be mixed in with the Afghan civilians (especially if you’re setting your games somewhere more urbanised).

Once again, I’m very interested in these sets – it’s a sad fact of modern war that you can never have too many civilians to get in the way.

Squeaking in before the end of the year, Spectre has also put a few new figures out. Adding to their classic range of the African Militia, three new leaders are now available. As well as the big boss warlord with his M16 and M203, there are two squad leaders – one looking rather more like the rest of his squad, the other ready for the mean streets totting a revolver and acting as a common thug. There is also now an African crewman figure for your technicals, finally free from his prison on a page of the Spectre Operations rulebook. The figures look cool and independent, showing off the unique look these militias can have.

Additionally, we have got a little taster for a new set of figures joining the African Militia in the form of a pair of robed Nomad militia fighters, coming in a support pack (PKM and RPG). I’ll freely admit, I think I would have preferred to see these figures all released as one big event or even as a new collection. However, they have been released as a little bit of a tease of an upcoming range. They look like they will be a fun range, and with the right paint job, can be deployed to several locations around the world.


I picked up the new Spectre releases! I know, shocking. The African Militia will join their buddies for when I finally get round to Zaiweibo but the robed chaps will be painted up as desert nomads.


This week was all about wrapping up at work and getting ready for some time off so my hobby time was less than zero. However, with this Christmas break starting, I should have plenty of time to get a little more done.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Actually, after looking at the dates, you’ll see more updates next year! Fingers crossed it will start off with post full of newly painted models.

Wargaming Week 09/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 2nd through to the 8th of December.


News this week out of Spectre – we have new African Militia on the way! As we saw in the greens a few weeks ago, there are two styles of African militia coming – some that look like an expansion to the existing range (with the sunglasses and street clothes) and other with a more Boko Haram look. I’m interested in both, but I can see the robed figures ending up in Arab style paint schemes.

With metal in hand, I can see these guys coming very soon…


The only purchase this week was an unexpected one – someone at work was clearing out their hobby cupboard and put up an almost complete (i.e. missing three figures) copy of the Dark Imperium box. To cap it off, it was a 1/3rd of the price of a full box. So frankly, it was a steal.

Not planning on playing 40k with it, but I’m sure I might think up something to do with them.


Work is slacking off with us reaching a release, so I actually had time for some work. The first step was some green stuffing work. This ghillie suited sniper from Warlord has been sat on my desk for a while, plastic head and sten replacing the clipped off pieces. However, I only just got round to ‘sculpting’ the new hood to fill in the pieces. It’s not going to win an award, but should be good enough to setup this pair as a team of spotter and shooter.

I’ve also started work on one of my fantasy figures, replacing her hairstyle with one to match a favourite character from Overwatch. More details once I actually finish her.

Speaking of non-modern things, I finally assembled my Dark Eldar Warriors kit. Fun building plastics, rather than the metals of must of my games. I think the kit has some great parts but the posing is pretty limited. However, they should be fun on the tabletop for whatever I end up doing with them.

Finally, and the big thing this week, I assembled The Ambassador’s Compound from Sarissa Precision. A bundle of their compound wall range as well as a unique style of building, this pack was a pretty fun build. More thoughts in a blog post soon that I have already started writing!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 02/12/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 25th of November through to the 1st of December.

I’m writing this with a cold that’s making my head a bit fluffy so apologies for any mistakes.


This week is Spectre news central. First up, a little hint of what’s coming soon and… it’s more John Wick. I’ll admit, not exactly what I’ve been expecting but they did list the first John Wick figure as part of a range. This guy is a lot more aggressive-looking than the first figure which should be interesting. However, exciting to see new figures on the way!

Spectre also has announced they will no longer be producing their resin products in house. Frankly, I think this is great – the resin work that Spectre has done recently is pretty good quality but there has definitely been a massive drop in release speed due to the team having to make each resin cast themselves. The team will be keeping their kit so it is possible we will see some limited releases using resin (such as con exclusives).

Finally for news from Vietnam, Paul Hicks is showing off some Recon Marines for the Empress range. I love the variety of kit and weapons on show here – it’s getting very hard to resist picking up just a few of them for fun.


It was Black Friday this week! I picked up a few pieces of MDF from Sarissa I’ve been missing from my collection to finish out my urban middle east set. And while ebaying, I might have added a few more dark elves for my fantasy gaming. More details when they arrive.


I actually managed to get some hobby done this week! Mostly just assembling things but it still counts. First up, finally rebased my White Dragon Miniature figures onto some GW bases. I got these guys when the range first came out and then clipped the tabs off so they could go on my usual bases. However, the stabilty was terrible so I ended up pull them off those bases and… doing nothing with them.

Now however, after mounting the Taliban on their proper bases, I decided to get these onto something that matched and provided a little more support. Maybe now I can actually get around to painting them.

Speaking of painting, my bases from North Star arrived… along with a few extra metal models for fantasy work. I’ve started planning out the “story” that will go behind the quests these figures will end up going on, so now I’m excited to begin getting them all painted up. I will admit, I think the range of human fantasy figures that North Star stocks has to be some of the best.

Finally, I got around to getting my Empress Afghan Civilians on bases. These models are lovely, but I’m especially happy with some of the grouped sets, like the trio with the tea cups or the old man and his donkey. Once ready, I look forward to using these to add a bit more interaction between the players and the locals – perhaps gathering intelligence will become more of a part of the game?

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 25/11/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 18th through to the 24th of November.


Table Top Tactical Simulations has announced an upcoming project. It looks like we are finally getting some Russian soft-skins, with the arrival of some Ural trucks. As with all the TTTS stuff, it looks like some really great quality products – just a shame it’s in 1/56 so looks like a toy compared to my Spectre stuff.


Well my order from North Star arrived… and then I realised I needed some bases for them. I might have also picked up a few other pieces as well to extend my heroes and villains for the fantasy project.


Not a massive amount of hobby got done but now it’s Fantasy project time! My box of zombies arrived and I spent a fun evening assembling my set of 9 zombies. I also assembled the hero figures that I picked up at the same time and I continue to loved the North Star fantasy range. I’m especially keen on the pair of swordsmen, perfect to get into some daring/dashing fights around chandeliers. The plan is to get a load of them painted up for Christmas time so fingers crossed!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 19/11/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 11th through to the 19th of November.

(Yep, day later than planned things are pretty busy right now)


Big news of the week – Contact Front is out! Available either in physical or digital formats, this new ruleset is focused on platoon level conflicts in ultramodern environments, with the first book focusing on actions in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2006. I’ve had a little read of it and I’m very excited to take a deeper look. Not 100% when I will get it on the table but my thoughts are coming soon.

As a good start to their digital plans, Gods Eye Games has also released a PDF to allow for use of the Australians (focusing on 2006-2014) in the game. You can find it on their site here!

Of course, if you are looking for figures to be playing these games in Afghanistan, then White Dragon Miniatures is showing off even more from their next set of releases. This latest pack is a Taliban IED team, featuring both the pair of blokes putting it in the ground and also the spotting team ready to set it off and record the aftermath. I’m always a fan of including the less conventional aspects in scenarios, as it makes players have to do more than just advance and engaging everything before them.

This set is also pretty good for making sneakier operations – one of my favourite from Skirmish Sangin is a team of Navy SEALs taking out a bomb maker in the middle of the night. This set would be perfect for that.

New news from the Spectre workbench – we’re finally seeing what those Russian gas masks were being used for. As you can see, they seem to be going on a figure wearing CBRN kit – the trousers wrapped over the boots make it look like coveralls, as well as the hood meeting the gas mask. I’m not 100% what the vest is – I’m guessing it is webbing gear but I’ll be interested in seeing it on the finished model.

As well as more masked figures, there is also another gentleman appearing to wear an ushanka and coat. I might be wrong, but the look does seem very Eastern European. I’ll be interesting to see what’s coming soon.

Empress is showing off some upcoming stuff and a brand new technique they are using to create new products. Digital sculpting for vehicles makes a lot of sense and it’s great to see them showing it off. More interesting for collectors is what’s being made – a Centurion all ready for Vietnam. As someone who watched a film around the Battle of Long Tan

Now, I have in the past not show off SASM figures (now Footsore North America). This was mostly down to not being a fan of their products, as well as some general unpleasentness. However, I do have a certain weakness for a certain style of operator figure and oh my do these SBS operators fit exactly what I like. Baseball caps and M4 variants really do open them up for a wide variety of roles, something I always like in my figures. I also think the new sculptor’s style more than the past, so I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Am I going to buy them? Right now, probably not – the prices don’t quite match up. However, if the UK arm starts stocking them, I am tempted to potentially grab them.


I’ve picked up a few things from Northstar after they announced they were selling off some plastic undead villagers for cheap due to damaged boxes – I’m actually splitting that box with a friend from work. There are also a few other figures in there, perfect for my fantasy project. More details once they arrive.


Another week with sadly no hobby due to work. Once this task is done, painting time should hopefully return.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!