The Shadow War: Skirmish Sangin (and something more)

So Shadow War is all well and good being just a painting project but what is it if there isn’t also some tabletop games. The only issue is that the rules from Spectre are not out just yet and I’d like to get some games in pretty soon. This led to me looking around for some other modern day rule sets. Partially inspired by the Model Dad’s review, my eye roved over the Skirmish Sangin rules set. After doing a bit of research (and in part thanks to my birthday earlier this week) I decided to pick up the rules, along with both expansions (and some extra stuff I’ll mention below).

Skirmish Sangin is designed for small scale skirmishes with most scenarios using a section or 8 men per side. The main difference I notice between this and say Warhammer 40K (the last skirmish rules I played in any large amount) is its greater focus on individual characters. Its always a sign of game’s style when the first section reads more like a section from a tabletop RPG than from any wargame book. There are also some cool level of detail that you don’t see often, such as the replacement of IGo,YouGo with a phases system to change the pace of the action or the abilty for grenades to be cooked off or thrown back. In fact, the rules are of a style and standard that reminds me a little bit of GW’s old Inquisitor game, although lacking the need for a separate GM or the 54mm scale. I’m really looking forward to getting some games in

Its important to note that I unusually bought the rulebooks in physical form. Part of this was wanting to make it easier to learn and pass around (always handy when you’re introducing it to new people) and the other part is to support Radio Dishdash. Now I have some income, I’d much rather buy proper versions then trawl the internet for free copies to properly back the guys who make all this cool stuff.


Speaking of cool stuff,  I also picked up some of Empress Miniature’s rather superb looking Brits to join in the Shadow War. These will probably play a similar role to the Rangers (well technically they are the Delta figures from Spectre but seeing as I have two fire teams and specialists in my collection, they will probably be the lower skill Rangers so I can use them all at once) in being the larger force to help out the SAS. I’ve picked up a pack of four standard team members, a pack of support personal (Shotgun, sniper rifle and a javelin team) and two downed pilots just waiting to be an objective. Based on how good they are, I might pick up another fireteam to complete the group. This should give me the option to play some larger scenarios. I’m also excited to learn how to paint MTP.

Paint wise, putting the last touches on my first group of guys I’ve painted up. I’ll blog about them some point soon.

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