The Shadow War: TaskForce Wolverine Pt 1. (US Army Operations)

Currently based out of Djibouti, TaskForce Wolverine is a US Army taskforce formed from element of the 75th Rangers and a small number of US Green Berets acting as a “fire brigade” that can easily be deployed to any number of theatres of war, for any number of operations from short raids up to longer term deployments. Current operations are focused on Somalia and Iraq although incoming intel points to the possibility of future missions in the United Arab Emirates.

Wolverine is split into two groups – Five Green Berets (the four PMC Delta figures and the ISA agents) and the 11 men (+1 dog) of the 75th Rangers. The Rangers are actually the Delta figures but seeing as I have so many, its makes more sense that they are from a much larger force, especially if I want to use all of them at any one time.

From the left: Panther, Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Hound



The Green Berets are here to act as the lighter force, the scalpel to the hammer of the Rangers. Overall, the squad is lightly armoured, with chest rigs and soft armour but comes out with five M4’s, an AA12 combat shotgun, an M203 launcher and a collection of pistols (and some grenades hidden away). This, combined with their elite rating (in both Sangin and Spectre) should make them pretty hardy to go up against. Like with all elite forces, they will struggle against massed militia fighters (their points cost will be their downfall) but luckily, they have 12 friends to jump in should they get in over their heads.

Paintwise, these are my first figures in 5 years. I started off airbrushing them with Valjeo black primer before applying a base coat of US Dark Green across most of the non fleshy bits. The hats, vest, rail covers and holsters where then painted in US Field Drab and faces in Medium Fleshtone. Weapons had another coat of Black (primarily to cover up mistakes) as did the operator shades they are all wearing. A dot of White was then put. The camo pattern is babies’ first attempt at camo painting (in this case something similar to US Woodland) and consists of strips of the Field Drab and Black over the Green base. It may look a little sparse up close but when looking at it from the perspective of someone playing the game it gives a nice impression of camo’d gear.

To keep track of them, I’ve attached the Skirmish Sangin character sheets below and will be adding Spectre rules details once the main rules are available.

Skirmish Sangin

Total points cost: 790pts
Total points cost: 790pts


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