Wargaming Week 28/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 21st through to the 27th of October.


No news! Last week was a pretty major dump while this week is pretty much silent.


After last week’s post, I grabbed some of Sarissa Precision’s compound walls – I’ve been looking to assemble these for a long time so being able to grab some pre-designed saves me a chunk of time. And honestly, walls help to really set the scene.

I also picked up a few more pieces for my Dark Eldar project – more details when they are ready, I’m looking forward to getting them built as I’ve loved them as a unit for a very long time.


Most of my hobby stuff this week has been behind the scenes, undercoating and basing. However, I did get two more Aeronautic Imperialis aircraft completed – ready to fly with their Thunderbolt wingmen, the pair of Maurdaer Destroyers are now online. Painting in this scale is a real change of pace from 28mm – four base colours, an ink wash and then a drybrush

The rest of my hobby time was eaten up by the arrival of the behemoth knows as Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It’s safe to say, I’m really enjoying it. Technical side, it looks wonderful and the crossplay means I can jump with my buddies on console while using a controller so I don’t get curb stomped.

But more interesting for this blog is the campaign which is packed full of interesting scenarios to borrow ideas from. The game is very definitely Modern warfare – there are several elements of the fictional nation that, if you squint, you will see exactly where they have come from. However, there are also some really interesting setups that you might see at some point on the tabletop – I won’t detail them here as the game has just come out but expect something on it soon.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 21/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 14th through to the 20th of October.


First up, Empress has released some Vietnam US Armoured crew, ideal for modifying all your vehicles for Indochina. As well as their use in Vietnam, I can see plenty of use in smaller third world nations in ultramodern, perfect to stand out from more modern US crew.

Delta Zero, an interesting looking tabletop game from the guys down under who do the Power Stance Gaming Podcast, is now on Kickstarter. I’m really interested in giving a go at the rules and see what it does (I’m expecting some similarities to Infinity due to the people involved) but I’m less interested in the figures. Some look really good (the SAS especially) but there are others that just don’t look quite so good.

Spectre has released the Hescos they have been teasing for weeks. Available in two sizes, these hescos are simple, ideal to be used in the construction of segments before being filled and surrounded with sand. It will be pretty cool to see what people come up with them – I’m definitely going to pick some up in the new year once I start assembling some firebase terrain.

Speaking of terrain, Footsore and Sarissa have finally released the the ambassador’s compound they have been developing together. The wall system seems really interested, a neat way of hooking the sections together to make them more stable. Available either as separate sections or in a bundle, this could be a neat way of quickly assembling compounds to fight over. I’m definitely looking at picking up multiple wall sections to go around the Knights of Dice stuff I have.

Finally, along with the Vietnam stuff, the WW2 British pack of officers is out. I am definitely going to pick a set up so my platoon is almost ready to be assembled.


I’m actually working on a little side project, taking a break from the browns and greys of moderns to do some more sci-fi stuff. I’ve picked up a few units of Games Workshop’s Dark Eldar, planning to build a few small units for skirmish play. You’ll see more when they arrive.


This week’s hobby was painting more of my Eldar Outcast Bounty Hunter for Necromunda/Sci-fi skirmish stuff. It’s a lovely model from Artel-W and I’ve really enjoyed painting it, as well as trying out some new ideas. I’m taking a pause so I can get some more paints to get the palid face of an Eldar that has been stuck in the underhive for a long time. Fingers crossed, they should arrive this week so I can finish her off. I’ve had great fun with the GW technical paints, including the rusted metal I’ve used on the base.

And as a final touch before the end of the week, I finally painted this little guy. The Vistor from Spectre is a fun little model to paint up, and it was fun to do in just an evening. A few simple base colours and a wash or two and he’s ready to appear on the table… maybe mind-controlling a few operators.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 14/10/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 7th through to the 13th of October.


Arriving just too late for last week’s post, we have some brand new Empress WW2 Brits. These figures are just going to moulding and I have to say they look perfect – probably my favourite models in the range. These four are the command element, perfect for representing NCOs or officers in your force. I’m already parcelling out which one is going where in my Chain of Command Platoon – naturally, the old man in his greatcoat will be my Senior Leader. I am definitely going to pick these up ASAP – I really want to get these guys on the table, so a perfect kick in the ass to get going on that project.

Also from Empress is more Vietnam War previews! Now I don’t normally report on them (because there are new previews literally every day) but I am keeping an eye on them. This one is definitely one of my favourite I’ve seen and, more importantly, could fit anywhere in the MENA theatre with a few minor tweaks. I love just how well equipped this guy looks – even down to the optic on his RPG-7.

Spectre also popped up this week with a new preview of new models. And oh my – looks like we’re going back to Africa. The oldest of the Spectre ranges is getting some new additions. It’s great to see that revolver militiaman (who I previewed in Spectre’s Unreleased Models in October 2017) is about to see the light of day, alongside another similar looking fighter with an M16 with M203.

What I’m interested in is the lower pair. Dressed in robes and turbans, these guys are much more Boko Haram than urban guerrilla. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this range is going to look like, especially as I can see plenty of uses for them elsewhere in the MENA theatre.

Next up, White Dragon Miniatures! They went on a bit of a preview bender this week, uploading the images to the Modern Miniatures group (and nowhere else). So I uploaded them to my page to share the good news.

The next set of releases are all about support. The first preview is a pair of British Sniper teams, combining a sniper with a .338 L115 with a spotter using a sniper support weapon version of the L129A1. These guys are a step above what is available in the standard platoon, and getting them in two poses just increases the ways they can be used and mixed with the existing figures.

Of course, White Dragon Miniatures opening up the weapons company means more toys are coming out – including this heavy machine gun for a more “wide-area approach” to fire support. I do like the loader with his ammo box.

Naturally, you can’t keep all the toys to BLUFOR – even the Taliban are getting some heavy weapons with this DSHK team. The rocks on the tripod are a nice touch, just to keep it in place – a sign these guys actually know what they are doing.

Sally 4th posted up some interesting ideas on a possible expansion to their terrain range. Having done some kits for building up some sci-fi buildings, Sally 4th is investigating bringing the idea to the modern-day, particularly aiming for larger multi-room buildings. I like the idea of this – Sally 4th makes good products and the multi-media aspect should make it more interesting to look at than pure MDF can be.




Another hammer of a week at work so no more hobby news. However, I have a few more things to assemble and base. I’ve also got next weekend at home so fingers crossed stuff will be painted.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 07/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 30th of September through to the 6th of October.


First up we have a new rules alert. Zone Alfa is an upcoming ruleset from Osprey covering post-apocalyptic skirmishing in Eastern Europe. If that description brought up images of STALKER to your mind, this is pretty much it. I’m interested in taking a look at the rules – it’s a neat way of reusing modern figures in a tweaked setting or an excuse to add some more to your collection.

Empress dropped a pile of new releases before SELWG. As well as some interesting Vietnam releases such as stowage that might be useful on vehicles, two more packs of Afghan civilians have come out. There is a nice mix of poses and characters (I’m a big fan of the woman pouring tea and the man carrying the bundle of sticks). These would all be perfect for scattering around a tabletop set before the action kicks off – perhaps the man gathering firewood ends up stumbling over a Special Forces team setting up an OP.


Back to Empress this week for two small orders. The first was to complete my late war WW2 Brits. More details on those in the hobby section.

The second was the new Afghan Civilians. I also grabbed the first two sets with them so I can add some more detail to my Bazistan battlefields – I’m very interested in seeing how these more characterful figures can be used alongside the Eureka ones. It should provide a challenge to the players with all this human terrain added to the table.


This week was a lot of assembly time, mainly because work is kicking my ass and I spent my Sunday running around fields playing ultramodern wargames in 1:1 scale (aka Airsoft). So the main thing was putting these WW2 brits on bases. The Support pack is all on 25mm bases to be used individually (although I’m not sure how much the piper will hit the table if I’m using him as an adjutant in Chain of Command). The two radio teams are going to be used as Jumping off points – effectively the troops being directed by NCOs taking orders from the radio squads. I’m not 100% sure of it but it should be dramatic on the tabletop.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 30/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 23rd through to the 29th of September.


No news!


A few paints for some ongoing projects were picked up, including some of GW’s Contrast paints to try out. You’ll see what I was doing with them later on…


So this week was a lot of WIP. I’ve continued assembling the paras, done a few more things to paint… and this package from Artel W in Russia arrived! I really have to recommend then and I am very impressed with what I received.

Among the things in the box was this lady. She is currently very WIP but I’m looking forward to finishing her off. I’m thinking she is going to end up on the table for Necromunda or something similar. Now to resist picking up some gangers for her to torment…

Finally, I painted some planes! The pair of Thunderbolts are ready for the table. Have to admit, I am enjoying this style of painting and can’t wait to get the rest of the Imperial aircraft done.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Wargaming Week 23/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 16th through to the 22nd of September.


New post went up, taking a look at the Gringo40’s NVA figures I prepared for some MENA shenanigans. I’m a pretty big fan of them and will probably look to add some more to my collection as more are released. I can definitely see these as the US-friendly fighters, seeing as they look better equipped than the Spectre militia. Perhaps it’s time for some militia vs militia fighting, SF advisors helping either side?

Less blog news but more writing news, I’m in this month’s Wargames Illustrated! Back in December 2017 I was asked to write an article for them to act as an introduction to wargaming the Ultramodern period. I delivered it to them during the Christmas break and then… nothing. Despite being advertised in some issues in 2018, I honestly thought it would never see the light of day. But it’s finally here and I can’t wait to hear what people think about it.


Empress has been on a mad Vietnam vehicle release spree. First up is the M48, an ideal vehicle for the Cold War and maybe something for your third world nation to still be rolling around to suppress the locals. Like all Empress kits, it looks rather nice – I am a big fan of the two versions of the .50 cal, letting you mount it either on the coupla or on the simpler pintle mount.

The second release is another Vietnam classic still in operation around the world, the Cadillac Gage Commando. This armoured car is ideal for counter-insurgency operations and might end up on several battlefields in Bazistan.

Last weekend Spectre promised us a new release and this weekend we got… a limited edition model. Seeing as this weekend was the supposed raid on Area 51 by the internet, Spectre decided to have a little fun with it and released. The Visitor. This grey alien, complete with ray gun, is probably not something you want to let out of the vaults there. This is doubly important after you read his rules (available here).

Honestly, this is just a little bit of fun. The model is cool (although by the time you read this no longer on the store) but I think the rules should be interesting to reuse, especially as they remind me of a certain alien from the XCOM series. Good luck, commander.

As part of the board build, Spectre also showed off these Hescos. These seem to be coming soon, ideal for quick assembling a whole host of checkpoints and military bases. It’s cool to see these finally coming out from Spectre, as they are a neat way to get the baord lookign even better


Yeah, I picked up The Visitor. I’m not sure if I’ll actually use him on the field but he is a fun little model and my collector brain would be irritated if I didn’t.


I finished assembling all my tiny 40k planes for Aeronautica! These things are fun to build, the ork stuff especially. In fact, at this point, all of the jets are freshly undercoated and ready for the painting to begin! My plan is to get them all painted up before I even start looking at buying any additional aircraft.

The other thing I have done this week is actually assembling some plastic paras. I find assembly to be much more relaxing than painting, as well as being something I can do while watching stuff, so I ended up breaking out the box to make these lads. The kit is fun, although I do wish there were a few more bodies suitable for firing poses rather than doing the Para/commando charge.

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!

Impressions: Gringo 40’s NVA – MENA Style

A wise man once said – “You will never have enough insurgents for wargaming”. And it’s kind of right! With such a variety of groups around the world, as well as the breadth and depth of equipment available to them. Due to this, ranges listed for Ultramodern can only go so far before you start wanting something a little fresher.

This led me to take a look at the Gringo 40’s range of NVA. Just glancing at the range, you don’t see the stereotypical Vietnamese look of the more rural fighters, and after seeing them painted up by Volley Fire Painting services, I just had to take a look. I picked up six figures (all that were available from the site when I purchased them) and started to begin my work with them.

First of all common features – the range is focused on the NVA fighting during the battle of Hue City. You don’t see the stereotypical pyjamas and conical hats that fill many other ranges. These are the NVA who moved into the city and then fought through the streets. As such, they are in shirts and trousers and all are equipped with chest rigs and a whole host of other kit to give them a well trained and supplied look.

As a minor note, I made a few modifications to them to make them a little bit more suitable for MENA. This was mainly me covering up sandalled feet. Although probably suitable to fighters in the region, I think the full covered feet is a more professional look, suitable for such a group of well armed fighters. Personally, I think I went a little heavy on the green stuff leading to some oversized feet, but I can work on that for next time.

The first four are standard AK armed fighters, their poses putting them in the midst of fighting. It’s a nice mix and they do look really good put next to each other, like a small group in the middle of the action. All of them wear the same shirt and trouser combination, with plenty of detail on the sculpting.

The rear shot shows off just how well equipped these guys are – a string of grenades across the back of their webbing, as well as a pile of pouches, water bottles and knives. I’m a fan of this look, especially when put alongside less well-equipped troops (such as the Spectre Militia ranges).

There is also a double pack of an NVA Leader and a female Runner. This pair works really well for my setting, including as it does a female fighter and a figure dressed in military garb. It’s easy to see the leader as an ex-regime fighter, still in his fatigues to show his experience and stand out among his irregular comrades.

As you can see, I did a few little green stuff tweaks. The female fighter received shoes and a headband, while the officer had the most vital addition – a moustache, to show his authority and make him look a little more suitable for the MENA area.

Of course, as with any range, some comparison shots are required. Here we have the classic lineup. From left to right: Empress, Eureka, Gringo40s, Spectre and Eureka. As you can see the Gringo40s NVA fit the size range perfectly, and from a distance, they will easily blend in with the rest. Weapons are a similar scale to Empress or Eureka, so don’t worry about them bending or breaking. Similarly, the figures arrived and needed barely any cleanup. Another win for them.

To conclude, I am very happy with the new additions to my milita collection. These guys (and girl) are nicely posed, fun to paint and packed full of character. The price per figure is very reasonable and postage is charged separately, meaning you aren’t overpaying for it, and arrives very promptly. Overall, I can heartily recommend both the company and the figures, no matter what setting they end up seeing action in. You can find them on the Gringo40’s site at http://www.gringo40s.com/north-vietnamese-army.html

Wargaming Week 16/09/2019

Let’s start this Wargaming Week, covering the 9th through to the 15th of September.


New post on the Gringo 40’s guys coming tomorrow! Just need to do the finishing touches to it.


This week is a week of Spectre news! First of all, a massive tease from them – it looks like we have a big Spectre release coming this weekend seeing as they are assembling a new board for it. Including a hanger and a new pattern drone, it’s quite an interesting tease – guesses for what the new release is on postcards!

Spectre also put out some releases. First up, the Contraband pack is the last set of objectives that were first available back at Salute. A pile of money and a pile of drugs are perfect for decorating any classic criminal hideout.

The other release is a new upgrade for the technical range. Containing a new set of bull bars, a snorkel and a roof rack with prefilled storage, this is a neat addition to the range that has been a long time coming (you can see it in the version 1 rulebook on the African technical). I have to admit, I’m tempted to pick up another technical to include it.


If you are just here modern stuff, you might want to keep scrolling…

Okay, so the Games Workshop hammer hit me pretty hard this week. First up, after seeing my friend Matt assembling some Aeronautica Imperialis stuff on the weekend, I decided that I quite fancied a few planes myself. I’ve always wanted some of the flyers from 40k but Forgeworld was always too expensive. 8mm is also a more sensible scale. In addition, I’m very interested in the game itself – I like X-Wing and other games like it but always disliked the range guessing. Bring on the hexes. Now I also have to wait for some Valkyries…

The other GW thing was this pair of sun bleached boxes. They have been in my local newsagents window for the last year and a bit and frankly, I could never see them getting sold. So I decided to go in there and make the man behind the counter an offer for them. In the end I got them for a third of the actual price which is a pretty good deal. Not 100% on my plans for them but it should be interesting to play around with.


As you might have guessed, first thing was finishing off my NVA figures. It still amazes me just what a wash and a dry brush can to do a paint job. I’m actually quite happy with the final result and I like just how well they fit with my other insurgents.

New boxed game meant new things to build so I started making planes. I’m taking my time with them, enjoying the feel of plastic kits again. So far, I’ve done the Thunderbolts you see above (a nice mix of air to air and air to ground under the wings) and two Marauder bombers (one with a mix, the other loaded with bombs). The Ork fighter sprue is out and will begin assembly this week. The plan is not to buy any more until all my planes are painted but we shall see how that goes

Finally, more assembly work. This time on my Canadian LAV-III. There were a few fun bits (like the turret rear cage) and it’s still missing the crew and pintle MG but I really like the look of this thing. It will be a terror on the tabletop as well!

That’s it for this update, expect more updates next week!